Errors «Parental» Orvi treatment schemes in children


  • The child often wakes up — It is necessary to strengthen immunity!
  • God saves man, who save himself!
  • Antibiotics with ORVI in children are necessary!
  • If a child has a heat — Temperature must be brought down!
  • Antiviral medicines — The most efficient!

  • Errors & Laquo; Parental & Raquo; Orvi treatment schemes in childrenNew Year's holidays and doctors have ended, expect another outbreak of respiratory viral infections among children. Kids cling infection in kindergartens, infect adults, and from them infection is again transmitted to children — This is a pattern to which it is time to get used to. Viruses circulate among people until their forces weaken, and the most part of the population will not appear immunity.

    Usually parents try to cope as quickly as possible with the symptoms of ARVI in the child and to hold his homes to get rid of the possible disease.

    But is it right? Let's figure it out in what places «Parette» The diagram of the treatment of ARVI in children is most imperfect?

    The child often wakes up — It is necessary to strengthen immunity!

    Usually regular colds for the baby cause the parents' concern and quite in vain. Especially often beat the vain alarm mom kids attending children's preschool institutions. It seems to them that their children are weakened, need home mode and additional strengthening of immunity. However, everything is completely vice versa!

    According to statistics in major settlements, children are sick of ARVI on average 10 times a year, and these doctors recognize the norm. Respiratory Virus Diseases and Especially Temperature for ORVI in children — This is evidence of good immune protection. The child's body actively reacts to the introduction of a stranger of the virus, defends, kills the pathogen and «tempered» In the struggle. The concern of parents should call the facts of the disease, and the protracted and complicated ORVI flow.

    God saves man, who save himself!

    Very often parents try as long as possible to hold the child after ARVI at home. Motive — let it grow up, otherwise it becomes infected and sick. the effect — Right opposite. During the absence of a kid in the children's team, the composition of circulating viruses. A healthy child, returning to a kindergarten, faces an infection unfamiliar to him and immediately falls again.

    Doctors adhere to the opinions that the return of the child in the children's institution should be as fast as possible. The diagram of the treatment of ARVI in children is as follows: today the temperature slept — Tomorrow we are in school or kindergarten!

    Antibiotics with ORVI in children are necessary!

    Often, parents exhausted by infinite withers, try to achieve quick recovery with all truths and inconsistencies. They are bugged children with medicines and naively believe that they do a good deed, giving a child immunomodulators or antibiotics at ORVI. In children, however, as adults, the specifics of respiratory infections are such that the appointment of immunomodulating and antibacterial therapy is not required. Antibiotics do not act on viruses and are prescribed only in case of complications of bacterial nature. Preventive use of antibacterial drugs is unacceptable due to their pronounced side effects. Main in the treatment of ORVI — Drink and vitamins.

    If a child has a heat — Temperature must be brought down!

    This is a very common mistake. Parents often forget that the temperature at ARVI in children — This is one of the directions of protection against infection. In the conditions of elevated temperature, most pathogens stop reproduction and die. Knocking down the temperature, you interfere with the recovery of the baby.

    The use of antipyretic drugs in children is justified only if the temperature rises above 38.5 0WITH.

    If the child does not tolerate the heat, flows into the sleepy state and the convulsions arise, the medicine must be given before, without waiting for the development of complications.

    Antiviral medicines — The most efficient!

    Effective treatment diagram of ARVI in childrenAdvertising works wonders! Many parents naively believe that advertised antiviral drugs that everyone has a hearing — Fast recovery guarantee. This effect is achieved by advertisers to raise sales.

    In fact, the effectiveness of advertised antiviral drugs is not so high. Most clinical trials indicate: temperature when receiving antiviral agents is reduced 5-6 hours earlier than in natural conditions. Just 6 hours! Is it worth a candle game? After all, any medicine can be able to harm the child's health!

    Moreover, to achieve at least some kind of effect, antiviral tools must be applied in the first hours after a collision with a virus. Most often this time is overlooked, which is why pediatricians are not in a hurry to prescribe such medicines with colds.

    Do not trust blindly advertising! Do not endanger the health of children! Only a doctor can prescribe medications!

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