Treatment of chronic tonsillitis

Many people, especially in childhood, are subject to permanent respiratory inflammation. Often have to experience unpleasant symptoms, making visiting a doctor and take a hospital leaf. And the doctor puts the same diagnosis constantly.

Chronic tonsillitis - distributed disease, so our site will talk about it. More - about symptoms, reasons, methods of treatment, we will pay special attention to preventive measures. It is noted that tonsillitis visits those who have immunity problems.

Overview of the disease

For chronic tonsillitis is characterized by a long, repeated inflammation of the inflammation of chronic and sink almonds. In Latin, these almond-shaped glands are called Tonsillae. Almonds are the current elements of our immunity, they perform a protective function, try to neutralize the pathological agents on the mucous membranes of a person - a different kind of bacteria, viruses and other foreign stimuli. Our almonds are consisting of lymphoid fabric (called even glads) and are placed on both sides of the sip. With their inflammation, there is an increase in these areas in size, humanity, redness, feeling of pain, squeezing in the throat, lifting the body temperature, purulent discharge. There are other symptoms depending on the classification of the disease. All of the above is more pronounced with acute tonsillitis, sometimes it is also called angina. Clinical features are divided into the following forms: follicular, catarrhal, lacunar, herpetic, fibrinous, phlegmonous, ulcerative-necrotic and mixed. But chronic tonsillitis is simple or toxic-allergic. Simple form manifests only local (local) symptoms. But with toxico-allergic form, the general condition is significantly worse, more likely that complications from the joints, hearts will join, kidney, thyroid gland. Most often, the development of chronic tonsillitis occurs after repeating inflammation of the mucous membrane - Angina, as well as diphtheria, measles, scarlet. In chronic tonsillitis, it is stated: the growth of connective tissue, granulation, gunnock, ulceration in the thickness of the almonds. Stagnant redness, increase almonds on the nose, raids, film, plugs on them, ulceration and other changes can be noticed even with a naked eye. Only a doctor can confirm the diagnosis. An experienced and attentive doctor appoints a special study of the contents of Lakun, the so-called bakposposev. Make it to determine the culprit of the disease, that is, the causative agent of infection. Analysis of blood is also appointed to see the availability of problems in the immune system. The causes of tonsillitis can be viruses, bacteria, fungi, supercooling, mechanical damage, environmental factors, overwork, heredity, lack of vitamins, weak immunity.

Chronic tonsillitis has a recurrent, protracted or compensated character.

Basic principles of treatment

Promptly or conservatively treated chronic tonsillitis - the opinions of doctors are currently divergent. During my childhood, all ENT doctors, with exacerbations repeated several times a year, have definitely assigned to their patients with tonsilectomy - surgical interference, in which the changed small almonds remove. But now there has been a lot of information about the fact that the operation is fraught with complications. In addition, doctors realized that the lymphoid tissue of the almonds is a kind of body of the immune system, so it must be made every effort to preserve these. With the symptoms of tonsillitis that appeared, refer to the doctor. After all, if tonsillitis is wrong, it can go into a chronic form, which is fraught with the development of various complications, for example, diseases of the heart, rheumatism, glomerulonephritis and other kidney pathologies. Qualified otolaryngologists are no longer hurrying with the operation, they are trying to identify the causative agent of the disease, eliminate the cause of pathology. If necessary, the doctor prescribes an intensive course of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, lining and immunostimulating drugs. There are in the arsenal of physicians and physiotics. And all this will be complemented by the means of traditional medicine.

At the very first signs of inflammation every 2 hours, we absorb a spoon with natural honey in the oral cavity, it has powerful antimicrobial properties, already proven scientifically. And the sooner the recovery measures will be taken, the greater the chance to avoid aggravation. We will also help immediately started regular rinsing with a solution of furaticiline, hydrogen peroxide, influence of herbs (sage, eucalyptus, calendula, yarrow, eucalyptus. If you do not want to brew herbs, use the ready-made pharmaceutical tinctures of these medicinal plants or a tincture of propolis. I make a rinse procedure every two hours with warm mortar.

Angina, illness, throat, almonds, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Doctors of the modern clinics as the first method effective in chronic or acute tonsillitis, recommended precisely washing with hardware. With the help of a special sprayer are driving, lacques are cleaned of causative agents of infection, their products of life, films, purulent contents. Miramistin, chlorhexidine, octenisept, hexoral can be used as a medicine. After irrigation, washing, cleaning the tonsils on them are carried out ultrasound, laser meterpeutic and vibroacoustic effects. It is useful to use sprays with local antimicrobial, painkillers and anti-inflammatory activity, such as bioparox, inhalipt, proposol (containing propolis extracts), Tantuum Verde.

Angina, illness, throat, almonds, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Angina, illness, throat, almonds, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Good results gives the use of homeopathic tool tonszilotrene, which reduces the almonds, improves their lymphoid tissue and immune system functions. Sometimes doctors write off the IMUDON, the action of which is also aimed at mobilizing its own protective forces of the body. This drug is also resolved in the mouth, guided by the scheme in the instructions.

It is recommended that the use of candy and tablets for resorption with antibacterial components, for example, Strepsyls, grammidine neo, Lisobakt and other analogues.

It is appropriate to handle chicken almonds with a solution of Lugol.

Do not forget about tea with lime, Rasps of raspberries, ginger root, mint leaves and currants. You can push any berries: viburnum, cranberries, sea buckthorn by adding sugar, all the resulting mass will fill with hot water, let it brew and drink a glass of about 5 times during the day.

Improve the condition of the respiratory tract of inhalation with Eucalyptus essential oils, tea tree, myrta, sage, rosemary.

Angina, illness, throat, almonds, tonsillitis, chronic tonsillitis

Our site warns that treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor to avoid complications and side effects of drugs, because in some patients there may have increased sensitivity and allergies to beekeeping products and medicinal plants.

In more severe cases of infection, when lacuna (deep holes) resemble the type of pockets, otorhinolaryngologists resort to the method of thermocoagulation, the so-called «Welding» Highly damaged lacun walls, while their functions are saved. The selection of the antibiotic for the destruction of pathogens is also carried out by the doctor. And only in extreme cases, doctors solve the issue of removal of almonds.

Important preventive activities

  1. The first rule is hygiene, it is required to maintain the purity of the oral cavity, nose, hands, premises in which a person is prone to tonsillitis. Follow the health of your guise, teeth regularly attend the dentist to avoid breeding bacteria in carious teeth.
  2. The air is preferably moisturized to help the mucous membranes function well. Turn the aroma lamp with essential oils, rich phytoncides, air cleansing microbes. Oil of grapefruit, orange, geranium, Mirta, Sage, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Bergamota.
  3. To prevent rhinitis, so that the infection does not apply further on the tonsils, make the nasal washing, will suit Aqua Maris or Akvirin Reno (in the form of a spray).
  4. Fit right, including in your daily diet vegetables, fruits, berries, fresh juices. Depending on the season, it can be apples, grapefruits, lemons, cranberries, lingonberries, viburnum, raspberry, sea buckthorn, persimmon, fayahoa, swallow, onions, greens, carrots.
  5. Do not forget about hardening procedures, walks in the fresh air and sports. Even a small contrast shower or druising with cold water will benefit on the immune system.
  6. In periods of mass respiratory tract infections, conduct a course of immunostimulants in a timely manner, such as Echinacea tincture, immunal, Eleutherococcus Extract, Pink Pink, Pantokrin. For the same purpose, floral pollen or uterine milk bees are used. You can buy pharmaceutical agents - Aflubin, IRS-19, arbidol, homeopathic agent antigrippine or otlococcinum.
  7. If nevertheless someone from home picked up infection, observe simple precautions to not get infected.

Symptoms of tonsillitis are very unpleasant, the disease is fraught with complications, so try to do everything possible so that your immunity is stronger. Then insidious bacteria and viruses will bypass you. Take care of your health!

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