Parent Likbez: Bronchial Asthma Therapy in Children


  • Help with bronchial asthma during an attack
  • Help with bronchial asthma outside the attack. Which depends on doctors?
  • Healthy environment and lifestyle as a means from bronchial asthma

  • Bronchial asthma — Chronic bronchi disease, more often emerging in children against allergies or respiratory tract infection. The main manifestation of the disease is the bouts of bronchial obstruction caused by spasm, swelling of bronchi, increasing production of thick, viscous sputum, blocking airways. The mechanism of development of bronchial obstruction includes immunological and non-immunological reactions based on congenital and acquired increased sensitivity of bronchi.

    Help with bronchial asthma during an attack

    Parent Likbez: Bronchial Asthma Therapy in ChildrenThe beginning of an attack of bronchial asthma in a child may be sudden, but usually it is preceded by a rich allocation of mucus from the nose, itching and redness of the eyes, shaking, headache. School of Bronchial Asthma teaches parents to see the harbingers of the attack and prevent it with the help of girlfriend.

    During an attack of bronchial asthma, the child looks frightened: the face pale, lips are blue, the skin is covered with cold later. Lack of air, chest compression, shortness of breath and cough force to take a forced position, more often sitting, with an emphasis on hand. The child catches the mouth of the air, almost does not speak, the wings of the nose are swelling with every breath, not only respiratory muscles, but also the muscles of the shoulder belt, back and abdomen participate in breathing.

    During the attack, bronchial asthma therapy is aimed at eliminating bronchospasm and relief of the child's breathing. First of all, it should be remembered, the drugs for the binding of the attack should always be at hand. Inhalation of bronchodilitics through the nebulizer quickly eliminates bronchospasm and allows the critical situation.

    In addition, urgent assistance in bronchial asthma includes the creation of a calm environment and ensuring the free inflow of fresh air. Child needs to calm down, sit down or put, laying pillows. As a homemade remedy from bronchial asthma, hot footpass are recommended, a duration of 10-15 minutes, providing reflex expansion of bronchi and a decrease in edema.
    In the Bronchial Asthma School, it is taught that an asthmatic attack in a child can continue from a few minutes to several hours. It may not be difficult, but parents should not doubt the need for emergency medical events. Of course, bronchospasm can pass independently, but the canons of the therapy of bronchial asthma do not allow stretching the suffering of the patient, the state can be aggravated at any time.

    Help with bronchial asthma outside the attack. Which depends on doctors?

    Help with bronchial asthma outside the attackWhen the attack is stopped, the treatment of bronchial asthma goes into the rank of basic therapy carried out on a stepped scheme. Basic agents for bronchial asthma include anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, bronchhalytic drugs. Physiotherapy techniques that reduce inflammation, eliminate residual bronchospasm, contributing to the purification of bronchi, are widely used. Special attention to the fact to assist the immunity of the child, with bronchial asthma it is important to stimulate protective mechanisms, while reducing the hyperreactivity of bronchi.

    The most important component of the basic therapy of bronchial asthma is allergen-specific immunotherapy, or as it is called in the people «Allergy vaccinations». The purpose of treatment is to reduce the reactivity of the bronchi to the action of certain allergens causing asthmatic attacks. It is carried out by an allergist in the autumn or winter period and the effect of therapy is higher than before it started.

    Healthy environment and lifestyle as a means from bronchial asthma

    What depends on the child's parents? In addition to basic therapy and drugs from bronchial asthma For a child, it is important to create a healthy habitat.

    In the Bronchial Asthma School teach how to reduce contact with allergens.

    • Remove carpets and soft furniture with textile upholstery, curtains and curtains in the room where the child is sleeping.
    • Store books in closed cabinets.
    • More often carry out wet cleaning.
    • The mattress on which the child sleeps, cover the film, to wear 2 pillowcases on the pillows.
    • When allergic to wool — Pet parting.
    • Better not to have in the apartment of living flowers.
    • Don't smoke in the house — Minimum that parents of a child suffering from bronchial asthma can do — implies a complete refusal of smoking.

    Remedies from bronchial asthma at homeVery important to stay in the fresh air, excluding hot days, windy weather, when air is full of allergenic pollen plants. Physical exertion at school are allowed, at bronchial asthma. But parents should know that at the beginning of the workout, reflex bronchospasm is possible, so it is recommended to breathe medicine before. With physical stress, bronchi spontaneously expands, this effect is very useful for asthma patients.

    Bronchial asthma is not cured, therapy is to reduce the frequency of attacks, reduce their severity, a large percentage of cases of the disease in children by children, as they grow.

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