Why and how to deal with rubella?


What is rubella?

Who at least once in his life did the vaccination? It is known that after vaccination
In the body in response to the introduction of vaccines appear in sufficient
the number of specific antibodies that are necessary to combat
infection. Depending on the type of vaccination, antibodies are saved from
several months to several years, and in some cases and
For life. But it happens that it is to hurt in childhood, for example,
Krasnuha did not have to, but make the vaccination was lazy or simply not
We managed… What is to be afraid and beware in this case? What is this
such a cunning infection than she threatens and how to neutralize it, about it
Next and suggest to talk…

Rubber disease begins with short-term
Temperature lift. It is more often low, about 38 degrees. Maybe
Total weakness is observed, headache, undeveloped runny nose,
sore throat. Typical symptom of rubella - swelling
Lymph nodes. They become the size of the pea, dense,
Painful to the touch. Then the rash appears, which consists of small
pink specks with smooth outlines. Rash appears first on
face, neck, then spreads all over the body for several
hours. Her appearance may be accompanied by an easy itch. Rash as
rubella keeps a couple of days and passes without a trace, not leaving
rubber nor peelings. Many may have the impression that this
The disease is not so terrible… Yes, sometimes it is so… someone rubella
delivers only temporary troubles, but others deprive
opportunities to give birth to a healthy baby.

Pregnancy and rubella

If a woman during pregnancy falls rubella, then no matter how it is treated, the consequences will be deplorable. The child can
There are congenital heart defects, deafness, violations of vision and psyche. AND
This is only part of possible problems. I note that in many countries on
today vaccination against rubella has already made mandatory.
That is why it is so important to secure your body in time with

Why and how to deal with rubella
If in your life you have already transferred this disease, then
You can not be afraid to get infected again. Re-infection practically
impossible. After the disease, immunity develops to this virus. If
You can't remember whether rubella hurt or not, then you should pass
Blood on antibodies that protect the body from this virus. If
Antibodies are not detected, it is best to pass vaccination, especially if
In the near future, you are planning a pregnancy. It is held
To create artificial immunity against this disease. Only
here after vaccination with the planning of the child you need to wait like
Minimum 3 months.

Among the living children who are born in mothers who have moved rubella on
1-2 months of pregnancy, 50-80 percent have malformations of development, 2-3
months - 15-30 percent. Therefore, if a woman got rubella in
the current of the first 90 days of pregnancy, it is considered as an absolute
Indication to artificial abortion.

Pregnant woman who did not have a rubella, must remember that
It proceeds, as a rule, in a light form, usually with small
rash on the skin. Rash has a kind of red dots. Because the
The temperature lasts long, it is often taken for allergic and
don't pay attention. What distinguishes rubella from allergies? At
Allergies, as a rule, no temperature. In addition, when rubella
The lymph nodes increase, especially on the head and rear
Neck surfaces, which can always determine the doctor.

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