Diagnosis and treatment of gas gangrene


  • Diagnosis of gangrene
  • How Gangrene is manifested?
  • Treatment of gangrene
  • How to prevent the development of gangrene?

  • Gangrena - Dangerous Surgical
    disease. This is an infection that causes severe inxication of the body,
    accompanied by necrosis (dying) muscle tissue. Hit B
    open wound of microorganisms that live in the ground and dust can
    lead to the development of gas gangrene. Infection is very fast
    spreads. If you do not apply to the hospital for help, then
    The patient's condition may worsen very sharply. The forecast of the disease is extreme

    Gangrena often leads to the death of the victim. Along with infection
    Blood This disease very often leads to a fatal outcome.

    Diagnosis of gangrene

    General examination of the patient, x-ray. During x-ray examination is visible «Perisost» fabrics.

    How Gangrene is manifested?

    Diagnosis and treatment of gas gangrene
    The temperature rises to 39-40 s, the general condition
    dramatically violated. Skin covers acquire a blue tint. Wound
    becomes very painful, its edges become dry. From side
    Cardiovascular system also have serious violations,
    Tachycardia is celebrated, the pulse is weakening. The patient complains that he is hard
    breathe, loses consciousness. Coloring wound changes color, fabrics around
    Acquire a lifeless look. Fabric swelling quickly spreads.

    When pressing from the tissues, bubbles with a characteristic unpleasant smell are distinguished.

    That is why Gangrena is called gas. In the absence of adequate treatment, shock states quickly.

    Treatment of gangrene

    Surgical. The wound is washed with hydrogen peroxide solution and
    Antibiotics. The affected limb should be in full.
    If the patient's condition is progressively deteriorating - urgent
    surgical intervention. Unfortunately, often without amputation is not
    do well. The patient is also prescribed antibiotics.

    The disease is very serious and threatens the patient's life. He
    must be immediately hospitalized. Account often goes to hours.
    The forecast is very unfavorable.

    Therefore, when the wound, you must immediately contact
    traumopuncture without waiting for heavy complications. First aid for
    wounded - treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide and provide
    limb condition of rest.

    How to prevent the development of gangrene?

    All polluted wounds should receive surgical
    Processing. Therefore, seriously and responsibly belong to your
    Health! Even in a slight wound, if the Earth falls into it and
    Sand, infection and infectious process can begin. Immediately
    Contact a surgeon, then you will avail the development of heavy

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