Symptoms and complications of paraproatitis


  • Basic symptoms of the disease
  • The consequences of acute paraproctitis

  • Basic symptoms of the disease

    Symptoms and complications of paraproatitisThe disease tends to be acute. Following the short period of indisposition, weakness, the headache appears increasing pain in the rectum, crotch or in a basin, accompanied by an increase in body temperature and chills. The severity of the symptoms of acute paraproctitis depends on the localization of the inflammatory process, its prevalence, the nature of the pathogen, the reactivity of the body. In the localization of the glandy in the subcutaneous fiber of manifestations, it is more pronounced, there is a painful infiltration (seal) in the area of ​​the rear pass, hyperemia (red) of the skin, body temperature increase. Such symptoms tend to consult a doctor in the first days after the start of the disease.

    Insiorectal abscess In the first days of the disease manifests general symptoms - the cognition, poor well-being, stupid pain in the pelvis and the rectum, increasing during defecation. For this form of paraproatitis, local changes are characterized - asymmetry of buttocks, infiltration, skin hyperemia - appear in late step (5-6th day).

    The most difficult pelviorectal paraproctitis occurs, in which an affectionant is deep in the pelvis. In the first days of the disease, general symptoms of inflammation prevail: fever, oznobod, headache, pain in the joints, in the pelvis, at the bottom of the abdomen. Often the patient appeals to the surgeon, urologist, women - to the gynecologist. Often they are treated for acute respiratory disease, influenza. The duration of this period sometimes reaches 10-12 days. In the future, increased pain in the pelvis and the rectum, the latency of the chair, urine and pronounced intoxication.

    If purulent melting of the wall of the rectum occurs, the pussy breaks into the lumen of the rectum, women may have a breakthrough of a pus from a dumpliectic space in the vagina. The complicated flow of the pelviorectal paraproctitis with the emptying of an amphibian in the intestine or the vagina often lubricates the picture of the disease, as the pain decreases and the temperature is reduced. In these cases, the discharge of pus and blood from the intestine and the vagina can bring to the idea of ​​dysentery, gynecological diseases and t. D.

    Symptoms such as stool delay, tenesms (false urges for defecation), dysuric disorders, pain at the bottom of the abdomen, especially often when localizing the ulotnik in a dumpliectal space, but may be with any form of paraproctitis

    The consequences of acute paraproctitis

    The most formidable complications of acute paraproctitis - the spread of inflammation on the thase cellulum spaces, purulent melting wall of the rectum above the level of anorectal line. In this case, intestinal content enters the paralegal tissue and the possibility of widespread infection. Cases of purulent melting of urethra.

    Considering the immediate neighborhood with the pellets, the message of the pelvic fiber with the retroperitone, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of a breakthrough in the abdominal cavity and the retroperitoneal space. Such complications, as a rule, arise when the appeal to the doctor of elderly, weakened patients, in the presence of diabetes, vascular disorders and T. NS. With late treatment of patients and with a non-timely completed operation, the development of the renovation process is possible against the background of the paraproctitis started as a banal.

    In addition, other complications of acute paraproctitis are also possible:

    • Breakthrough in one of the cellular space to another
    • Breakthrough of ulotnik (pelviorectal) in the lumen of the rectum or vagina
    • Breakthrough of the pus from the cavity of the abscess through the skin of the crotch (spontaneous autopsy)

    After opening the waste spontaneously or surgically without the elimination of purulent stroke and the affected crypt, in the future, as a rule, a rectum fistula is formed. If the fistula was not formed, but the focus of inflammation in the field of anal glands and intersphinestone remains, then after a while there is a recurrence of acute paraproctitis.

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