Anal sex and hemorrhoids!


40% of access to doctors about the intestine is connected
with hemorrhogo. Proctologists believe that 70% of people are sooner or later
Fight with hemorrhoids symptoms. And if you sit all day
in front of the computer, the probability of getting hemorrhoids becomes even higher.

Hemorrhoidal nodes are in the body of each person. This is
Folds of the mucous membrane of the anal canal. Additionally to action
Musculatures They ensure the holding of feet. At rest
Hemorrhoids are involved in the overlapping of the anal canal

When defecated, the hillocks should be smoothed as not to interfere
Calate passage. Stagnation of venous blood and excessive strain
break the position of the nodes, they slide down with the mucous
Sheath. Then the restructuring and blood supply disorder is
leads to an increase in the size of hemorrhoidal nodes, their protrusion

Risk everything!

This is & mdash; haemorrhoids!

Each of us can earn hemorrhoids. Particularly risk those who:

  • leads a sedentary lifestyle, in t.C. Works at the computer;

  • suffering from constipation, obesity;

  • Loves to lay out for the collar (get drunk);

  • At the table there is a smoked, sharp, salt, spicy;

  • pools anal sex;

  • has inflammatory diseases in the field of small pelvis;

  • Engaged
    a serious sport type of rod raising, pushing kernel or jumps;
    Kosite, rubit, pulls gravity — In short, plows like a horse.

The main factors contributing to the development of hemorrhoids

one. Lifting weights, long work in the standing position.
Physical overloads Venous pressure increases due to delay
blood in veins, this leads to the loss of the elasticity of venous walls.
Therefore, hemorrhoids often develops from movers, dancers, athletes,
hairdressers, teachers — Those who are engaged in severe physical
labor or spending a working day standing.

2. Sitting work, including a computer, a sedentary lifestyle.
Shits hemorrhoids and those who are sitting a lot. Between the seat chairs and the body
Sitting formed a thermal compress that leads to the stagnation of blood in
Pelvic organs. Therefore B «Group risk» Fit programmers,
Computer operators, drivers, accountants, representatives of others
«Sittyachy» Professions. In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is
the risk factor of venous insufficiency, while moderate physical
activity, swimming and gymnastics, in contrast, strengthen and
stimulate blood circulation, prevent blood abandon in veins.

3. Chronic constipation.
caused by a violation of the process of formation of the feces and its promotion
intestines. Solid hood masses, lingering in the lower departments
intestines, put on the surrounding veins and make it difficult for normal blood flow.
Habit for a long time to spend in defecation inherent in suffering
Chronic constipation, also quite promotes hemorrhoids: Singing
when defecated acts on the veins of the rectum like raising

4. Inflammatory, tumor processes in the field of small pelvis.
Diseases and tumors in women (fibromics, fibromomy of the uterus), disease
Prostate gland in men, liver cirrhosis with portal
Hypertension, malignant tumors of the rectum — all this
contributes to the tide of blood to the organs of a small pelvis, therefore,
Development of hemorrhoids. Cracks, ulcers, fistulas of the rear pass are also
Hemorrhoid risk factors: when irritating, sphincter spasm occurs
(circular muscle closing the exit from the rectum), as a result
Disposal veins are squeezed and traumatized.

five. Abuse of acute food, alcohol.
Causes the extension of the vessels of the digestive tract, in T.C. Vessels
rectum. The extension of blood vessels leads to a bloodstand in hemorrhoidal
nodes, their inflammation. Acute dishes, richly seasoned with spices,
stimulate digestion, but at the same time cause a sharp blood flow to
rectum and irritation of the mucous membrane.

6. Heavy diarrhea (diarrhea), anal sex.
and inflammation of the rectum and anus with severe diarrhea, mechanical
stretching the sphincter and the rectum with anal sex contribute
The appearance of hemorrhoids, exacerbate the course of the existing disease.

7. Pregnancy, childbirth.
increasing as the fetus develops, is becoming increasingly
peritoneum. At the same time, movable organs are shifted upwards, and the rectum,
On the contrary, pressed against the pelvis — As a result of venous vessels
Changeable, interpretation of blood Cavernous Taurus. Tense swells
Caring also stimulate the formation of hemorrhoids.

The following main symptoms are characteristic of hemorrhoids

  • Bleeding during defecation, bleeding of blood in the wheel masses (finding this symptom as soon as you consult a doctor!);

  • itching, burning in the area of ​​the rear pass;

  • feeling of the foreign body, a feeling of gravity;

  • loss of nodes from the rectum;

  • pain during defecation, walking, in the sitting position;

  • Soreness of hemorrhoidal nodes to the touch.

Characteristic for hemorrhoids Basic symptoms — Blood isolation I
Loss of nodes from the anal canal. Consider more of these and other
manifestations of disease.

one. Bleeding during defecation, bleeding of blood in cartoons.
Blood in hemorrhoidal nodes impairs nutrition for venous walls
oxygen, long overflow of blood stretches them. Walls of nodes
thinned, small erosions and gaps are formed, which leads to
bleeding. Distinctive feature of bleeding with hemorrhoid: it
appears only during, before or immediately after defecation.

Often patients
first notice blood spots on underwear or toilet paper, sometimes she
follows the trickle at the end of the defecation. Hemorrhoidal bleeding
are quite intense, which can lead to development
iron deficiency anemia. Selection This is & mdash; haemorrhoids!blood from anus can be a sign
Malignant neoplasms in the Tolstoy Intestine. When appearance
This symptom as soon as possible contact the proctologist to clarify

2. Loss of knots from the rectum.
Dystrophic processes cause knot offset towards anal
holes, ultimately, their loss. This contributes
long-term outline during defecation, habit of smoking, read in

3. Feeling of the foreign body, feeling.
complain about the feeling of the foreign body in the rear pass, gravity in groin
when walking. These symptoms are caused by swelling overflowed blood
Hemorrhoidal nodes.

4. Itching and burning in the area of ​​the rear pass.
burning — Manifestation of erosion of the walls of hemorrhoidal nodes. Discharge
The blood also leads to the irritation of the mucous membrane and the skin of the anus.

five. Pain during defecation, walking and in the sitting position.
This is
Characteristic symptoms of a starting attack of acute hemorrhoids, infringement
Hemorrhoidal node. There is a lot around the anal hole
receptors, pains can be very strong. Operating
Pain in the back pass is intensified when walking and during defecation,
sometimes becomes unbearable, the patient is unable to sit, nor

6. Soreness to the touch of hemorrhoidal nodes.
Case of thrombosis or inflammation Hemorrhoidal nodes swell,
become dense, painful to the touch. With external inspection visible
Blue-bugs, reminiscent of the form of a plum, can
across reach 2 cm. Touching knots causes acute

Repeat again: characteristic of hemorrhoids symptoms,
Especially bleeding from the rear passage, may be signs and
other, more serious diseases. When they appear as soon as possible
Contact your doctor!

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