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  • Mysterious disease
  • How many people — So much complaints
  • Treat everyone in different ways

  • Mysterious disease

    Take the SRKIt is curious that if about other diseases similar in symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, oncology) is written and said enough, then there is practically nothing about the SRK. Only in medical literature for doctors.

    Moreover, before — 20 years ago — And there was no diagnosis. Everything described condition was called «Chronic spastic colitis». But, exploring the fat intestine, the doctors discovered that no colitis — Inflammation of the intestinal mucosa — No. We thought for a long time, from where they go to the attack, and came to the conclusion that the nerves were to blame. Rather, impaired nervous regulation of intestinal motor function. This is a violation and named CRK.

    How many people — So much complaints

    In general, irritable bowel syndrome is very many. That is, the patient is poured on a doctor as many complaints that would have enough for a couple of other diseases. By the way, such an abundance of symptoms — One way to recognize or at least suspect CRK. And they complain about in a row in abdominal pain and intestinal disorders; on headache and com in the throat when swallowing; on the stripped urination, on the raised nerves and t.NS. But the doctors still managed to divide the SRK for three options:

    • With constipation,
    • With diary,
    • with pain and meteorism.

    Take the SRK«No need to think that the diagnosis «irritable intestinal syndrome» Just put, — Says a gastroenterologist Yuri Korobchenko. — To accidentally not miss more serious illness, detailed clinical trials of blood are underway to the patient, internal organs are examined and.D.».

    And although the syndrome itself does not pose a threat to the life of the patient, but the quality of life itself reduces very much. Moreover, often about such symptoms, people even a doctor shy to tell. It is easier for them in a pharmacy «From belly» Ask, and as a result of cure, it does not occur to everyday stress at work, there are also stress from the unpredictability of its own intestines.

    Treat everyone in different ways

    At the same time, the CRC is not bad to treat. Moreover, it includes both medication and psychotherapeutic methods. In addition to the reception of drugs, you need to normalize the mode and nature of nutrition. If patients with SRCs are detected by depressive syndrome, after consulting the psychotherapist, antidepressants and other drugs are appointed. Determine which set of drugs is needed by a specific patient, only a doctor is capable of, based on what type of SRC prevails in a particular case.

    If SRCs proceeds with pronounced pain, then, as a rule, antispasmodics are prescribed. If a person is tormented by constipation, then first you need to normalize its diet, introduce more ballast substances into the diet — Food fibers — and at the same time assign drugs that reinforce the intestine motor. If the diarrhea syndrome prevails, then the fiber in nutrition is necessary, on the contrary, to limit and start taking adsorbing agents. But the main — Do not throw treatment halfway and continue to regularly observe the doctor.

    I will not criticize the soul and say that you can achieve a complete and final victory over the SRK. Unfortunately, in the overwhelming majority of cases this cannot be done. But to achieve persistent long-term remissions doctors are quite bye. And it's not in the imperfection of techniques or drugs. Just the exacerbation of the SRC can occur at completely independent reasons. I mean stress and psycho-emotional tension, over which the doctor is not authorized.

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