Treatment of anal cracked at home


  • Signs of acute anal crack
  • What is important to know when treating acute anal cracked at home?
  • How to get rid of cracks near the anal hole?

  • Treatment of anal cracked at homeFissure near the anal hole — one of the most common proctological diseases. The cause of its formation is chronic constipation, in which the dysflow mucosa is injured by dense wheel masses and the spiny particles contained in them.

    Acute anal crack — represents a defect of the mucous membrane of the spindle-shaped form, up to one and a half centimeters and 3-5 ml wide. Tissue damage depth is usually limited to 2-3 mm. Appearing as a rupture of the anal rectum, the inner anal crack usually goes to the outer surface of the anal obva, more often in the field of the front or rear wall, less often at the opposite sides of the rear passage.

    Signs of acute anal crack

    The main symptoms of the inner and outer anal crack are:

    • sharp pain during the intestinal emptying and after it for 10-20 minutes, less often within a few hours;
    • spasm sphincter arising as an answer to pain irritation and enhancing pain;
    • allocation of a small amount of blood scarlet during a strip defecation;
    • The presence of severe pain leads to the fear of the chair. The patient deliberately avoids defecation, is trying less, it contributes to the aggravation of constipation. The presence of an inner crack of the rear pass becomes irritability and nervousness. Sometimes even severe pain is not a reason for the visit of patients to the doctor, they prefer to start with the treatment of anal cracked at home, in most cases, with the right approach, they manage to achieve wound healing.

    What is important to know when treating acute anal cracked at home?

    Three main conditions for the treatment of anal crack. The houses there are many temptations, but it is necessary to comply with these requirements.

    1. Diets and refusal of alcohol, sharp, pickled, smoked, spicy dishes. Otherwise, all enema, the baths will be useless, it is important to eliminate the irritating factors in an anal crack.
    2. Fighting constipation — The main task of therapy, but also with diarrhea should strive for the normalization of the chair. Liquid Cal «corrosive» mucous membrane, prevents healing and promotes increased wounds.
    3. Limiting lifting weights. When the anterior abdominal wall voltage increases the pressure on the crotch, the reflex reduction of its muscles occurs, which contributes to the increase in the wound.

    How to get rid of cracks near the anal hole?

    1. Treatment of anal cracked at homeTake the habit immediately after the awakening drink a glass of cold water. It stimulates the intestinal peristalsis, accelerates its emptying and avoids the enema. With anal crack, do not postpone the campaign to the toilet, go, as soon as you feel the urge to defecation. This will allow the body to form the physiological algorithm and will serve as prevention of constipation.
    2. Approximately 30 minutes before the campaign to the toilet, enter the drug anesthetic candle into the rectum, except for an analgesic effect, the oil contained in the preparation will facilitate the passage of the feces through the sphincter.
    3. In the case of constipation, clean the intestine will help the enema. With anal crack, it is important to neatly enter the tip, pre-lubricating it with a vaseline.
    4. After the intestine emptying, it should not be cleaned by the rear pass toilet paper, it is better to get a cool water with soap.
    5. After that, there is a seating bath. With anal fracture, it can be prepared using potassium permanganate solution, furatciline or bravery and dishes of medicinal herbs. Water temperature 37-390 C, duration 10-15 minutes, goal — Relaxation of a compressed sphincter, pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect.
    6. Enter the therapeutic candle immediately after the bath. With anal crack, the candles can be replaced with healing oils and use for microclism. With the cracks of the rear pass, the sea buckthorn, chamomile, as well as the oil of propolis, which contribute to healing wounds.
    7. In the evening, a toilet area of ​​the rear passage and a seating bath. With the inner crack of the rear pass, the rear of the chamomile decoction or another drug with the help of a children's fringe (50-60 ml) and the treatment of the anal zone of therapeutic ointment.

    Healing of acute anal crack subject to all recommendations usually occurs within 2-3 weeks.

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