Treatment of diverticulosis


  • Diverticulosis, manifestation of diverticulosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of diverticulosis

  • Diverticulosis, manifestation of diverticulosis

    Diverticulosis is the formation of bags of the intestinal wall (diverticulov).

    - This acquired disease that can appear on the background
    Changes in the muscular wall of the intestine, violations of her motility,
    congenital or acquired weakness of connective tissue, vascular
    Changes in the wedding wall. Diverticulosis is a finite manifestation
    any disease of the intestinal wall.

    Significant part of persons diverticulz ​​leaks without any manifestations
    and is revealed by chance when examining the intestine on various other

    Uncomplicated diverticulosis manifests itself mainly pain of different character and intensity and violation of the chair.
    Pain is located more often in the left area of ​​the abdomen and wears grabs
    Character, intensifying as the colon filling out the worst masses.
    After the intestinal emptying, the pain usually decreases. Violation of stool
    Usually manifests in the form of constipation. In addition, patients are often complaining
    on the feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestines and bloating. At part
    patients observed alternation of constipation and the appearance of a liquid chair.

    - Inflammation of the diverticulus - the most common complication
    Diverticulosis. Inflammation of the diverticulus develops due to stagnation
    KALOV MASS. Diverticulitis is accompanied by the advent of constant pain in
    abdomen, increasing body temperature.

    Signs of blood isolation with
    Calves are present in 20-30% of the solenticulosis patients. Chair in such
    patients are accepted to characterize as «Raspberry jelly».

    Diagnosis and treatment of diverticulosis

    Treatment of diverticulosis
    An informative method for identifying the intestinal diverticulosis is
    Study of the colon with the help of barium enema (irrigoscopy). Not
    The less informative method of diagnosing diverticulosis is

    Diverticulosis, accidentally discovered during the examination, does not require
    Special therapy: need to establish a regular chair to avoid
    constipation primarily with a diet. With a tendency to the constation prescribe
    Laxative preparations, better oils (for example, Vaseline oil).

    constipation in older patients, it is also necessary to use oil
    laxatives combined with a diet rich in plant
    fiber, as well as abundant drink (1.5 l liquid per day).

    Inflammatory complications (diverticulitis, parakinal infiltrate)
    Tactics of treatment changes - the patient is hospitalized. With moderately
    Pronounced inxication phenomena prescribe oil laxatives
    (Vaseline oil) for softening of carts, a slicing diet with
    Limitation of fiber. Antibiotics, spasmolitics are shown. If on
    The background of the treatment of therapy The patient's condition deteriorates - produced

    Treats on treatment Diverticuliza folk remedies:

    • Once in one or two weeks spend the cleansing belly of the intestine
    • Regularly
      Use oatmeal. Oatmeal Recipe: boil water,
      Cool to a temperature of 40 degrees, pour into a three-liter jar,
      To the bank filled about 3/4. Add 0.5 kg of oatmeal
      flakes and 0.5 cup kefir, close the lid, leave for 1-2 days in
      warm place. The appearance of bubbles and stigs - a sign
      Benign fermentation. After fermentation, the suspension strain through
      colander. Dense precipitate, constantly accumulating in the colander,
      washed with small portions of running cold water, from time to time
      Intensively stirring it. Wash fluid in volume should be
      about 3 times more than the volume of the original suspension of oatmeal. Received
      Liquid to pour into a clean bank and leave for 16-18 hours. After
      Places in the bank are formed two layers - upper and lower. Upper
      the layer must be carefully drained, and the lower pour into the clean bank and store
      in the refrigerator (this is oat concentrate, it is subsequently
      use not only for the preparation of oatmeal, but also for
      for lactic acid fermentation, adding oatmeal to the aqueous suspension 2
      tablespoons of this concentrate instead of kefir). Cooking
      oatmeal: several tablespoons of oat concentrate (from 5 to
      10 spoons) stir in two glasses of cold water, bring to a boil
      on a small fire, stirring intensely with a wooden spoon, then respect until
      the desired density (5 minutes). At the end of the cooking add salt,
      Any oil (creamy, sunflower, olive, sea buckthorn), cool
      to warm state. There is a breakfast with black bread.
    • Regularly
      Take bran. At the beginning of treatment - 1-2 tablespoons, adding
      in kefir, yogurt, soup, cutlets. Gradually increase the dose to 9-10
      tablespoons per day.

    With timely prevention of the development of complications, as well as
    active therapeutic tactics in case of pronounced diverticulosis.

    Before you take advantage of the recipe, consult a specialist.

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