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    Asperger is one of the five pervasive (general) developmental disorders, sometimes
    considered one of the forms of high-function autism (i.e
    autism in which the ability to function relatively
    Saved). Simplified can be said that persons with Asperger Syndrome
    possess at least normal intelligence, but non-standard or
    underdeveloped social abilities; Often because of this
    Emotional / social development and integration occur later
    ordinary. Term «Asperger Syndrome» Was proposed English
    Psychiatrist Lorna Wing (Lorna Wing) in the publication 1981. Syndrome
    Got the name in honor of the Austrian psychiatrist and pediatrician Hans
    Asperger (Hans Asperger), which manifested the term «Autistic psychopathy». According to the initial descriptions of the
    Asperger, syndrome is characterized by the difficulties of social integration
    children in communication groups with peers, which is characteristic of healthy children.
    In this regard, such children resemble patients with Kanner syndrome, but
    differ from them sufficient safety and great development
    Intellect, as well as a more favorable forecast of the disease in general.

    Manifestations of syndrome

    Like other forms of child autism, syndrome
    Asperger begins in early childhood, but is diagnosed
    Often only when the patients arrived in school, when the obvious
    It becomes difficult in relationships with other children. Further
    The limitations of communication increases, while reaching the degree of complete
    from reality, although more often with the outside world for such
    Children are ambiguous - some real environment factors can be for
    they are significant, others have less importance, and the third in general
    insignificant (for a normally developing child they have equal

    Manifestations of Asperger's syndromeCommon interests with peers do not attract such children. Usually they
    Replaced by special interests «Dusty», Distracted character.
    The desire to solve issues about «Life», «Mirozdania» and T. NS. Combined
    these children with ridiculous gathering of glands, pictures and other
    Items that do not represent any value. In spite of difficulties
    Communication, constituting the essence of autism, intellect and speech of patients
    remain sufficiently saved. With average IQ values ​​higher
    are indicators of the verbal test of the vent. These children are enough
    a logical thinking is developed, although in thinking can be detected
    Trends to reasoning, symbolism and ambivalence of conclusions.
    We are usually not aimed at all of its grammatical correctness
    The interlocutor, changed and its melody, and the pace. Knowledge is difficult
    Reproduce and extremely uneven. Active and passive attention
    unstable. Motivating to action are inadequate goals and autistic
    Interests in this case prevail; it is to fulfill patients
    Direct the main energy. Encouraging to targeted
    Activities are insufficient. Therefore, the behavior of patients in general is determined
    impulsiveness, opposite affects and desires, no unity
    and inner logic. Characterized by the appearance of such children: draws to
    my attention is a detached expression of a commonly beautiful person («face
    Prince») with poor facial expressions, a look facing the interlocutor, and
    unexpected fixation of the gaze on random subjects and surrounding persons.
    Often, the facial expression becomes concentrated self-served (eyebrows
    shifted, the look directed as if inside him). Expressive
    Mimic movements little, gesticulation depleted.

    Motoric angular,
    movements not enough harmonious and awkward. There are also marked
    stereotypes (for example, swinging); Times stereotypical movements
    can be very plastic (and even «Superplastic»).
    Autistic games are often determined by irresistible attractions to them.
    For patients with Asperger syndrome, attachment to the house,
    combined with the absence of attachment to loved ones. Against the background of the described
    mental features possible development of affective disorders,
    erased obseciable food, appearance of hypochondria complaints, phobias. Such
    The kind of violations usually occur during the periods of physiological crises,
    Sometimes influenced by traumatic external factors. On the flow of syndrome
    Asperger is difficult to judge, as there are no wide enough
    Clinical Catenial Studies. It is known however, that
    Patients with this syndrome can be trained in an ordinary school (although they
    stay in the school team apart and are considered
    eccentric), but more often more adequate for them is training in
    Special schools for children with behavioral deviations. Further
    Regarding sufficient development of formal intelligence functions
    combined with violations of social adaptation and not fully complete
    using the knowledge gained.

    There are observations that patients
    Asperger syndrome is often developing obsessive-compulsive and
    Bipolar affective disorders. Origin of syndrome
    Asperger, as well as early child autism, remain unclear.
    The greatest importance is attached to genetic factors caused by
    Congenital nature of violations. This is evidenced by the facts of accumulation
    Cases of this syndrome in families of patients with this disorder and sometimes
    increased frequency of secondar cases not only asperger syndrome, but
    and early child autism. But along with the ideas about genetic
    Conditions of this syndrome Many psychiatrists admit that he
    Arises as a result of prenatal and perinatal damage to the central nervous system (central nervous system).

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