Causes of low appetite


  • Redued appetite
  • Causes of reducing appetite

  • Redued appetite

    All the famous word «appetite» Translated from Latin
    Appetitus denotes «a wish». This is a kind of feeling associated
    with the need for food. With a long lack of food appetite goes into feeling

    Appetite is a very wide and universal status criterion
    child health, especially in the assessment of the mother. Rarely come across
    child who eats a lot. More often parents and older generation worries true
    or apparent decrease in appetite.

    The main groups of reasons for the decline of appetite are:

    • somatic (bodily-related associated changes),
    • Psychogenic,
    • Nervous anorexia (complete absence of appetite), puberty exhaustion.

    Criteria for the harmonious development of the child and the absence of organic causes
    Reduced appetite:

    • good development;
    • High physical and mental activity;
    • portability of loads appropriate age;
    • balanced nature;
    • No vomiting and stool violations.

    Somatic reasons for the decline in appetite:

    • Eternal nutrition. For example, a dairy porridge for a child older than 1 year,
      Issive in the intervals between the time of conventional meals, abundant
      Eating milk and sweets.
    • Causes of low appetiteAcute and chronic diseases of the digestive organs: gastritis, gastroenteritis,
      Ulcery disease, hepatitis, etc.
    • Acute and chronic infectious diseases: all viral and bacterial
      Infections with an increase in body temperature, tuberculosis, urinary infection
      paths, thrush.
    • Glice Invasii.
    • Iron deficiency in young children even without the formation of anemia (Lower
      The boundary of the rate of hemoglobin in blood tests).
    • Zinc deficiency.
    • Brain Defeat: Anomalies of metabolism, hereditary diseases, reluctance
    • Diesefal syndrome with brain disease. At the same time, children can remain
      Very active.
    • Respiratory diseases with respiratory failure.
    • Cardiovascular diseases with blood circulation failure
      (Heart muscle defeat with tonsillitis, sinusitis, heart patterns). Wherein
      Fathery states are often observed when moving from horizontal position
      Vertical, nausea and vomiting in the morning, weakening the concentration of attention.
    • Chronic intoxication: the reception of a large number of medicines, renal
      Insufficiency, overdose of vitamin D in infants, metabolic diseases
      substances, radiation therapy.
    • Endocrine violations: change in the activity of the internal secretion glands.

    Causes of reducing appetite

    The reasons associated with the child themselves: pain, shortness of breath, imperceptible
    Meals in Nurse (sweets, milk), oppressed mood (depression).

    The reasons associated with the surroundings of the child are primarily with
    His mother. Mom always seeks to better feed the child, and sometimes gets
    Right opposite result.

    The first option is Incorrect power mode:
    Frightened easily excitable mother of the newborn refuses feedings
    Baby, fearing failures. In such cases, medical observation is needed
    for the first few feeding.

    Second option: Mom offers a child too
    abundant food that kid can not mascel. Mother's disappointment is the stronger,
    The more effort she invested in cooking.

    Third option: child of younger
    wants to evaporate from excessive guardianship. It refuses from ordinary power,
    If the emergence situation is associated with negative situations, if it is brewing
    conflict between mom and kid himself. This happens if the mother is worshled by a child
    at the table, too much limits his freedom or requires it excessive purity.

    Causes of low appetite Fourth option: Dining table becomes
    Most «Filming up relationships». At the same time, parents can criticize the child
    For daytime mistakes and omissions at home and at school, or at the time of meals constantly
    Child reminds of compliance with good manners. In such a situation, children simply
    refuse food due to conflict with mom or parents.

    Fifth option: food is poorly cooked cold
    or child belongs without due attention. It happens during diseases
    or poverty parents, with nanny or man inattention, which carries
    Behind the kid.

    Sixth option: Failure to eat due to oppressed
    State. This happens when the child is punished for any reason;
    Lost a dear thing for him; with a mountain in the family; inhibiting setting around
    (hospital environment); If the kid is experiencing a feeling of shame, guilt.

    Pain in the abdomen in children with psychogenic reasons
    Appetite is often a trick that they use to refuse food.
    But such complaints make mom's mother even more frightened and helpless. but
    Additional examination and consultation of the children's gastroenterologist in such
    Situations are necessary.

    Vomiting during the rapting child may be
    manifestation of conflict with parents. Gradually vomiting and refusal to eat can
    Become interrelated, or transform into less conflict deviations:
    habit bite nails, stuttering, night incontinence urine.

    Reducing appetite in children requires mandatory
    to pediatrician to exclude any disease. It is necessary
    Conduct and additional diagnostic methods: general blood test, general analysis
    urine, ultrasound of internal organs, etc. Usually elimination «somatic»
    Causes, that is, the treatment of the main disease leads to the recovery of appetite
    in children.

    Lack of pathological conditions in children with reduced
    Appetite is an indication for the consultation of the psychologist. Preferably come
    on a conversation with a psychologist with the whole family to generate a single line of behavior with

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