Masks of depression


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  • Walking in a circle
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    Masks of depressionFamiliar stranger

    Depressed mood when all around causes stupid irritation, familiar to everyone. It has been proven that even breast babies can worry.

    In Russian word «depression» Has a free interpretation. But it is not worth confusing the temporary state of a healthy psyche with a depression. The first is considered the normal response of the body to any traumatic event and quickly passes by itself. A more serious form that occurs after the stressful situation and has internal reasons (for example, violations in the central nervous system) must be treated.

    Walking in a circle

    It would seem to recognize depression easily: this does not need complex medical devices and laboratory surveys. In fact, the disease can proceed not only in classical, but also in disguised form. And then, before the true cause of malaise finds out, a person walks in a circle for several years from one specialist to another.

    Complaints on head or gastric pains, skin itching, digestive disorders and pressure drops do not find confirmation after the survey, which shows either the norm, or the complaints inconsistency. Of course, the treatment assigned on the basis of an incorrect diagnosis does not bring relief. Such a sad situation with the diagnosis of depression leads to the fact that the path of the patient to the specialist needs a neuropathologist or psychiatrist - is delayed for 10-15 years.

    Inventive Nedug

    Sometimes depression imitates facial pain. Then its manifestations resemble neuralgia of triple or language petroleum nerves, diseases of the teeth, the temporal and the mandibular joints. There is a feeling of unusual roughness of the language, his numbness is felt and even «hairiness». Pains are very strong, and people communicated to despair are asking a dentist to remove completely healthy teeth. Oddly enough, sometimes it brings temporary relief. But the procedure of deactressing can again provoke pain.

    Abdominal syndrome manifests itself unpleasant sensations in the abdomen: pain, weight, feeling of heat or cold. Such a state may be accompanied by nausea, constipation or diarrhea, loss of appetite. Well-being worsens at night and in the morning, in the afternoon it becomes easier. Often with these symptoms, a person enters the hospital with suspicion of appendicitis, food poisoning or cholecystitis. Therapeutic and surgical treatment aimed at combating these ailments does not help.

    Head, back, heart...

    Headache - another depression mask. When the disease takes this form, headache appears (most often in the morning and at night) without clear localization. Feelings can be the most diverse: the head seems to compress the hard hoop, goosebumps are crawled, burning. Anesthetics in this situation are almost powerless. Such painful syndrome is often taken for migraine or vegetary dystonia. But many years of treatment does not bring any effect.

    Sometimes depression takes the similarity of the radiculitis, diseases of the joints, muscle pain or neuralgia. Such her mask is called arthralgia. After x-ray research it becomes clear that the defeats of the nerves and joints in the zone of pain.

    Heart pain, burning or cold in chest, heartbeat imitates cardialia. To distinguish this mask from real cardiovascular diseases, it is enough to make a cardiogram. When depressed, the results of the survey do not confirm complaints. Cardiac drugs slightly reduce pain, but do not remove it completely. When depressed, masking under angina, nitroglycerin is not effective.

    Fears and insomnia

    When depression is hiding behind mask of insomnia, sleep disorders become the main or only manifestations of the disease. A man wakes up early in the morning, poorly rested. The peak of his activity is usually for 12 hours of the day, then he feels fatigue and without a cup of strong coffee or tea cannot continue to work. By evening, he becomes completely broken and still can not fall asleep to deep night.

    Phobia is also one of the most common depressed masks. It manifests itself in the attacks of fear, which usually happen at night and in the morning. Most often they are associated with Hypochondria: a person is afraid of death, stopping heart, AIDS, heart attack and other diseases. And at the same time, he is aware of the groundlessness of his fears. Panic attacks sometimes happen in the subway.

    In the early stages, depression is manifested by sexual disorders. At the same time, there is a weakening of erection, slowdown ejaculation, a tendency to Morning Koitus. For such a form of the disease, the desire for stronger sexual stimuli. The usual sex life ceases to bring satisfaction.

    Dangerous illusion

    But perhaps the most dangerous mask of depression is addiction. Drugs and alcohol bring a short-term illusion of improving well-being. However, addiction from doping is developing very quickly. For such a form of depression, the ribs are characterized for several days and even months. Refusal to the next dose of drugs or alcohol leads to exacerbation of depression - suicide thoughts appear, a painful complex of guilt. Symptoms characteristic of other Masks Depression may develop.

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