Neuroses in children. Symptoms as a gift from parents?


  • Sleep disorders in children
  • Childhood fears
  • Nutrition disorders
  • Breathing disorder as a manifestation of neurosis
  • Violation of urination

  • Neurosis in children. Symptoms as a gift from parents?It is believed that all adult psychological problems go rooted in «Careless» childhood. With neurosis originating in the first years of life, a person sometimes has to fight all the conscious life. Nevertheless, most of these states could be prevented.

    Neurosis — This is a reversible disorder of mental activity, arising against the background of the impact of the psychotrauming factor on «Weak» psyche. At the same time, the significance of the stimulus for a particular child plays a special role. Immediately note that neurosis — Functional disorder that is not accompanied by damage to nerve cells, and therefore, with timely treatment, you can forget forever. What neuroses are most common in children, with which they are connected and how to prevent the formation of a neurotic disorder?

    Sleep disorders in children

    Sleep disturbance — The most frequent manifestation of nervousness of a child. A healthy child is experiencing natural fatigue by the end of the day, quickly falls asleep and sleeps calmly. The muscles of his face and body are relaxed, it breathes barely audible, deep and smooth. When breaching sleep baby long can not sleep, needs a branding, asks the mother to read the book, tell a fairy tale or just sit near. It can fall asleep pretty quickly, but in a dream, it turns into bed, it will be sobbing, it shudders and as a result — wakes up.

    If a child Sleeps less laid and gets up earlier than usual, it should also pay attention. The lack of sleep affects the state of the nervous system, leads to neurosis in children. Symptoms: Day drowsiness, lethargy, headaches, scattered, irritability and anxiety, decreases performance.

    In the emergence of a dream disorder, the evening activity of the child plays, what books he reads, what TV shows looks in what games play. If a child goes to bed with an excited nervous system, a calm sleep does not see him. Bright light, loud music, loud conversations and quarrels in the house Breeding a children's psyche. High air temperature in the bedroom, uncomfortable, too soft or too solid bed, crowded stomach, skin itch — All this interferes with falling asleep and then the child complains that his body lomits, asks to drink, asks for a pot.

    Apparent for parents a child's disorder Night fears. If the baby jumps out of bed with horror and droplets of sweat on his face, crying, shouts — This suggests that he is afraid of something. The cause of night fears are quite real psychotraming life situations, such as parents quarrels or intimidation in order to education.

    In some cases, parents have to deal with Warning. The child rises from bed, with closed eyes begins to walk and fulfill the simplest movements, then, if you do not put it in bed, myself lies and sleeps on, and I don't remember anything in the morning.

    The lack of full sleep leads to the development of the child's child. The child begins to avoid society of peers, refuses entertainment, becomes insecure in itself, passive, flexible. Timely prevention of sleep disorders will help prevent neurosis development.

    Childhood fears

    This is one of the manifestations of the neurotic state. The basis of the formation of fears is the lack of life experience in a child, He sees a threat where it is not, Unsreviates real dangers. His «to death» can scare loud sounds or unexpected equilibrium loss — In children, a very sensitive auditory. But the most important role in the emergence of neurosis plays intimidation by adults, especially if these are close people. Continuously traumatic situation generates the formation of alarming disorder. From such a child in the future, it will grow racially, supreme, indecisive, misintermetative person.

    Nutrition disorders

    Anorexia or simple, Lack of appetite in a child, often occurs at an early age. One of the reasons is a purely physiological lack of saliva. In other cases, the monotonous nutrition is guilty, in third — Specific diseases, such as helminthiasis, metabolic disorders, chronic diseases. Sometimes the roots of the problem is that the child is abuse of sweets before eating. But the most common reason for the failure of a child from food is violent feeding, especially if it is accompanied by threats, scandals. In some cases, this leads to vomiting, the reflex is fixed and then any meal is accompanied by «fountain» from eaten meatballs and macaroni.

    Vomiting in a child may arise as an answer to the psychotracting situation, for example, on separation from the mother or at the moment of fright.

    In adolescent, anorexia has other sources. The desire to lose weight and be similar to the model from the covers of glossy magazines makes girls argue themselves hunger and reach extreme exhaustion. As a completeness, they often regard the emergence of secondary sexual signs: breast augmentation, rounding thighs. In this case, it is necessary to conduct persistent conversations and even contact the psychotherapist.

    Breathing disorder as a manifestation of neurosis

    Neurosis in children. Symptoms as a gift from parents?Young children most often have to deal with nerve cough, Usually it occurs after the suffering disease of the upper respiratory tract. An older children often have to see deep breaths, shortness of breath, creating a sensation of lack of air. Initially, the violation may have a completely concrete basis — disease. But then, after healing under the action of a psychotrauming situation, the neurotic state progresses.

    Violation of urination

    Frequent manifestation of child neurosis — urinary incontinence, especially at night. The root causes of Enurches can be different, but when the child begins to be ashamed of her «Pokina», Avoid communication, painfully react to mockery, he has a feeling of inferiority and the disease is aggravated by.

    On the neurosis of obsessive movements in children and so-called children's bad habits, we will tell in another article. In the meantime, I would like to emphasize: children are sick with a weak psyche, undermined diseases and unfavorable living conditions. Often these are children of mothers suffering from the toxicosis of pregnancy, born with signs of intrauterine infection, who suffered generic injuries, often pooling with acute and having chronic diseases. To grow people who are able to enjoy life, create, move science, work, parents should make maximum effort, protecting the weak mental toddlers from injuries.

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