pubic lice


  • Why there?
  • How to get infected?
  • Where live lice on the skin?
  • How is it manifested?
  • How to diagnose?
  • How to treat head lice?
  • The risk of other STDs

    Why is pubic pediculosis?

    pubic lice
    Pubic lice (also known as pediculosis pubis) causepubic lice (ploschitsy). Pubic lice - human parasites, smaller than the head and wardrobes. The body length of the parasite - 1.5-2.0 mm. The pubic louse is attached to the pubic hair. In order to survive, twice a day, it needs to suck blood. Deferred eggs (nits) firmly attaches to the female pubic hair. Wash off with water nits impossible. Pubic lice and their eggs can be seen with the naked eye.

    As infected pubic lice?

    Infection mostly occurs during sexual intercourse. However, infection is possible through the bedding, towels and clothing.

    What areas of the skin affect pubic lice?

    Pubic lice are found predominantly in the hair,located on the pubic hair, genitals, around the anus. Sometimes they spread to other areas of skin covered with hair - chest, abdomen, armpits.

    How does the pubic lice?

    The most typical manifestation is itching,which is usually worse at night. As a result, severe itching may occur in areas of scratching the bites of lice. Sometimes a doctor detects a bluish-gray spots on the skin of the abdomen - is a special reaction to the bites of the lice. In some cases, pubic lice bites cause an allergic rash.

    Because of the constant scratching violated the integrity ofskin and can join a secondary infection. In this case, there is pain, redness and pustules appear or yellowish crusts in the pubic area and other areas affected by head lice. This may increase and be painful inguinal lymph nodes. Sometimes the patient does not bother.

    How to diagnose pubic lice?

    Diagnosis is based on clinical presentation anddetection of lice and nits attached to the hair. Often patients are pubic lice reveal yourself at nodules on the pubic hair (nits).

    What treatment is indicated for pubic lice?

    Local treatment. Applied antiparasitic ointments, creams, solutions and shampoos. From the pubic lice is easy to get rid of at home, but it should be remembered that prolonged duration of disease pubic lice can spread to any part covered with hair: armpits, eyebrows, eyelashes, sometimes down.

    A good preparation is the "Spray-pax"(Spray for external use). It is sprayed in the pubic region, genitals, anus around and left for 30 min. The treated plots are washed with soap and thoroughly rinsed with water. The drug is used 1 time. One bottle is enough to treat two people.

    Other drugs:

    • "Pair Plus" spray. Spray the affected area, wash off after 10 minutes.
    • "Medifoks", 5% solution. Apply to the affected area, wash off after 40 minutes.
    • "Benzyl", a 20% emulsion. Apply to the affected area, wash off after 30 minutes.
    • Like the "Spray-pax", they are available in pharmacies without a prescription.

      Pubic hair shave is usually recommended. The effectiveness of the treatment of lice is very high if all the rules. It should also be remembered that the need to carefully handle clothing, bedding, upholstered furniture, mattresses, as contact with them again healed sick people. Processing of things can be done with special sprays, such as "A COUPLE".

      Mandatory inspection are also partners, since lice refers to diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

      The risk of other diseases, sexually transmitted infections

      Pubic lice is a marker for otherdiseases, sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, when determining whether a person living a sexual life, pubic lice must be tested for other STDs.

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