Simple exercises with arthrosis and osteochondrosis of the spine


  • Complex of exercises in arthrosis of the cervical spine
  • Exercises for breast arthrosis
  • Arthrosis of the lumbar spine: a set of exercises

  • Simple exercises with arthrosis and osteochondrosis of the spineAs the practice of traumatologists and orthopedists shows, the LFC in Arthrosis takes hardly the non-dominant position in therapy. In the absence of acute pain, inflammation and pronounced contract, accompanying the launched arthrosis, a complex of special exercises is able to significantly improve blood circulation in the field of lesion, to improve the nutrition of tissues, ensure the delivery of substances necessary for reparative processes, stimulate the recovery of cartilage tissue, increase the mobility of the joints, strengthen their muscular frame , ensuring the stability and protection of the spine.

    The result of treatment with the movement depends on the patient himself, his perseverance, patience, perseverance and desire to be healthy. With arthrosis, simulators are not needed, quite enough weight of their own body, working with it provides the necessary load and gentle, effective impact on the back. The most justified treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine in specialized centers, however, the exercises recommended during arthrosis can be at home.

    Complex of exercises in arthrosis of the cervical spine

    LFC with arthrosis of the cervical spine is shown to those who periodically experiencing stiffness of the neck movements, light dizziness when turning heads to the sides. The use of simulators with arthrosis of the neck is contraindicated, this spine department is very wounded and does not endure overload.

    • Pressing his hand on the forehead, hold the head in a vertical position, straining the muscles of the neck. Repeat 3 times by holding the voltage for 7 seconds. Then repeat the exercise in the reverse order, pressing the hand on the back.
    • Put with a hand on the side surface of the head in the area of ​​the temple and hold the head vertically at the expense of the neck. Repeat 3 times to 7 seconds, and then exercise on the other hand.
    • Slightly tighten your head back. Overcoming the resistance of the neck of the neck, press the chin to the meter 5 times. With the cervical arthrosis, the complex in this part will strengthen the front muscles of the neck.
    • Holding your head and shoulders straight, slowly turn the head to the side 5 times.
    • Press your chin to neck and turn your head right and left 5 times.
    • Throwing a head back, try to touch the ear of the shoulder 5 times on each side.

    Exercises for breast arthrosis

    LFC with arthrosis of the spineLFC with arthrosis of the thoracic spine will preserve its mobility and get rid of pain between the blades, problems in the work of the internal organs.

    • In the standing position, legs together, hands are omitted down. Inhale — Hands up, Rock back. Exhalation — Hands down, tilt forward, rounded back (10 times).
    • Sitting on a chair, hands behind the head — inhale, bend back, leaning back on a chair, hands down — Exhalation (10 times).
    • Standing on all fours to get into the back and linger for 2-3 seconds. Head Do not follow (7 times).
    • Lying on the stomach to face hands at the level of shoulders, straighten your hands, raise the body and get old. (7 times).
    • Lying on the stomach, placing hands along the body, try your back muscles to raise your head and shoulders as high as possible from the floor. (7 times)

    Arthrosis of the lumbar spine: a set of exercises

    Lumbar Ostearthrosis — Complex is very unpleasant symptoms, to avoid its appearance will help these exercises.

    • VIS on the crossbar within 70 seconds.
    • In the standing position, placing hands on the hips, take the slopes of the body to the sides, back and forth (10 times).
    • In the same initial position, perform the movements of the pelvis back and forth (10 times).
    • Can the simulators help in arthrosis and how does this happen?Standing on her knees, resting his hands to the floor, lean forward, as if trying to touch the chin knees, repeat 15 times.
    • Lying on the stomach resting his hands to the floor, perform 10-15 pushups.
    • Standing on his knees, resting his hands to the floor, get back up, then lower down (10 times).
    • Lying on the back, raise your legs bent in the knees, trying to press them to the chest (10 times).

    Therapeutic physical education during the arthrosis of the lumbar spine stands in the first place among all therapeutic procedures. In order to further strengthen the back muscles, create a reliable protection of the spine can also be used simulators, during arthrosis of the lumbar department, they are not contraindicated, and even, on the contrary, can provide noticeable help.

    Exercise on health and forget about back pain!

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