Personal hygiene is important at any age


Originally from childhood

Personal hygiene is important at any ageThe mucous membrane of the vagina is very girlsensitive, has a low resistance to infections, so it is important from an early age to support the sexual organs in a special clean. Failure to comply with hygiene can develop vulvitis. In no case can not be used for cleaning the alkaline soap, soda solutions and antiseptics.

Active period

Personal hygiene is important at any ageWith the onset of the first menstrual period, and then the beginning of the sexual female flora changes. The use of contraceptives affects the hormones.

It was during this period of a woman's body is preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. Intimate microflora to be healthy, to the expectant mother felt no unnecessary problems after birth.

Gynecologists recommend the use of specialmeans for personal hygiene, to choose only comfortable clothes from natural fabrics. Do not abuse the douching, just because you their friend advised. This procedure is especially dangerous during menstruation, because it can cause imbalance in acidic environment, protected from the sexual organs of pathogenic micro-organisms. Douching should be carried out only on a doctor's recommendation.

Life after forty

Personal hygiene is important at any ageIt is known that after forty, many women are subject to change functions of the nervous and endocrine systems, changes in genital anatomy.

The intimate hygiene of women in menopauseassociated with the aforementioned factors. Different women's menopause causes various sensations. Mood swings, high blood pressure and sweating - all this brings special discomfort.

Status vaginal flora also varies, some women may experience dryness or itching. Tip one - to take a shower regularly and keep the genitals clean.

It is better to give preference to cotton orlinen linen. If itching and discomfort occurs, you should consult a gynecologist. In general, we women should visit him at least twice a year. It is after forty that the risk of various genital diseases and exacerbation of chronic diseases increases.

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