Gas gangrene, symptoms, treatment


  • What is gas gangrene
  • What are the symptoms of gas gangrene
  • Emergency assistance for gas gangrene
  • Treatment of gas gangrene

  • What is gas gangrene

    Gas gangrene is a formidable complication of open damage to the musculoskeletal system.

    Gas gangrene pathifiers - anaerobic
    Microbes that are permanent in the intestine of home herbivores.
    Can fire from the skin and from the feces of practically healthy faces.
    Nutrient medium serve dead muscles and other fabrics located
    in the wound. The reproduction of microbes occurs in oxygen-free medium.
    Most anaerobic microbes in the process of vital activity forms
    gas. Anaerobic infection tends to quick distribution,
    causes pronounced general intoxication of the body. Entrance gate
    Infections are most often traumatic extremities,
    Insulated wounds, much less often - foreign bodies, injuries to thick
    intestine. Even a small wound may be complicated by anaerobic infection.
    Anaerobic gangrene develops during the first day from
    Injuries, less often - later.

    What are the symptoms of gas gangrene

    Gas gangrene, symptoms, treatment
    Patients with gas gangrene complain of driving pain in
    wound. Appears rapidly increasing edema extremities. Unlike
    Banal suppuration is not redness around the wound, on the contrary, skin
    The covers of limbs are pale with a blue tint, often with bronze stains. When feeling the limb, the crunch of gas is determined
    (Capital) in subcutaneous tissue. Capital is well determined when
    Listening to the phonenadoscope. There is a pronounced intoxication:
    the affected cheating or, on the contrary, dares to bed and complains
    severe pain in the wound region; Pulse frequent; Language is dry, covered,
    RVOT is possible. In the absence of treatment, intoxication is rapidly increasing,
    The victim flows into the unconscious state, and within 2-3 days with
    Moment injury can death.

    Although gas gangrene in peaceful conditions is found
    Rarely, it always needs to be remembered with any injuries as limbs,
    So torso.

    Most likely the development of gas gangrene during transport and
    shaft injuries with localization of wounds in the hips, buttocks; in persons,
    serving cattle, pigs, sheep. goats, especially if
    The accident occurred in the place where animals are contained, and
    The wound is polluted by manure.

    Sharp pain in the wound area, the appearance of a pale rapidly increasing edema of the limb, gas attitudes, general intoxication is forced to suspect the gas gagranu.

    Emergency assistance for gas gangrene

    in maintaining cardiac activity and combating intoxication. Enter
    Package preparations. With a delay in hospitalization you need
    immediately proceed to the treatment of gas gangrene, because «Classical» Anaerobic infection leads to the overwhelming majority
    wounded to death.

    Treatment of gas gangrene

    The main method of treating gas gangrene is surgical.

    Hospitalization with gas gangrene in
    purulent surgical department of the hospital, geographically most
    close to the barocenter, since oxygenobarotherapy is one of
    Goggle treatment methods. After transportation of the patient sanitary
    Transportation is subject to disinfection, toolkit - soaking in
    Disinfectant solution.

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