What is the concussion of the brain?


  • Shaking easy, and the consequences are not very...
  • Heavy concussion? In intensive care!
  • What are the surveys?

  • Shaking easy, and the consequences are not very...

    Any concussion of the brain is already a crank-brain injury.
    Typically, the concussion of the brain is of easy degree. IN
    The best case, departing a couple of days, workaholic rushes to work. On the
    Offer to visit the doctor leads «Good» arguments like the fact that «W
    I'm not even a bump». Six months, the excited hero is pinned to
    Neurologist with complaints about terrible headache, irritability and
    bad memory, inexplicable fainting, and in special cases - and attacks
    Epilepsy. Favoring processes in the cerebral cortex - they
    prevent uniform stream of blood and oxygen delivery.
    Common complication - Hypertensional syndrome. All this,
    may have to be treated for years. The most harmless consequence of injury -
    Man turns into «barometer» and reacts to any natural
    oscillations, suffer from pressure drops. So as not to bring the case to
    Sad finals - to the doctor at the very first symptoms of concussion.

    Symptoms of light shake:

    • What is the brain concussion?Strong injury head or neck «Detones» from the cervical vertebrae in the head);
    • short-term - a few seconds - loss of consciousness, often existence and without loss of consciousness;
    • the effect «Sparks from the eye»;
    • dizziness, amplifying when turning the head and slopes;
    • the effect «Old film film» before your eyes.

    Three - four days it may seem that everything went, but this impression
    deceptively. Full rehabilitation - 2 - 3 weeks, and sometimes, if
    Okulist will find functional changes on the eye day, and longer. At
    Shocked no «Golden middle».

    With concussions
    Middle severity man may lose consciousness. RVOT is possible,
    Damage in the eyes. Due to lack of oxygen in the brain in humans
    Appears «drunk» gait. Urgent hospitalization and
    Bed regime for 2 - 3 weeks. Need to ensure that the first
    Time The victim was in a darkened room.

    Symptoms of heavy concussion:

    • cones and subcutaneous hematomas. Damaged vessel,
      badly distinguishes blood, filled with it and is very inflated - such
      «Blood cateries» easy to detect;
    • irritation due to bright light, noise, television;
    • fainting when rising;
    • Hallucinations and nonsense, inexplicable fears.

    Heavy concussion? In intensive care!

    Amateurities - only in intensive care! If tighten, start up
    irreversible processes, the brain will gradually die. Risk
    Disability. In 95 percent cases, the patient is in resuscitation not
    less than a day. Recovery process - from three months.

    What are the surveys?

    The cervical spine and skull

    , To eliminate fractures and
    Cracks in the skull, shift of cervical vertebrae. To make sure you have
    closed, and not an open injury that threatens to lead to hemorrhage
    in the brain and stroke.

    Encephalography and echohetephaloscopy
    - these
    Difficult procedures will show, whether there is no brain in vessels
    «disguised» Foci lesions.

    In serious cases, it is necessary CT scan - she thoroughly examines the most «Poted» Corners of the brain.

    ocular fundus.
    Okulist is the only specialist who can
    «Hurry up», how do the vessels and the disk of the optic nerve behave - is there
    Hemorrhage and Cooker Plate Hematoma.

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