Eczema on her arms


Eczema on her arms
Eczema (waving deprived) is chronic inflammatory
Skin disease with characteristic rashes and itching. Leaves with periods
Exacerbations and Improvements. Eczema on hand is about 25% of
total skin diseases. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the disease is not
contagiously transmitted can very rarely as an exception from the rules, with a large
While adverse circumstances.

Eczema is a polyethological view of the disease, to
the appearance of which the set of factors.

Development of eczema

Eczema on hands can develop due to a variety of reasons. From
They can be allocated the most common:

  • viruses (herpes);
  • fungi;
  • microbes;
  • Seborrhea;
  • allergic reactions;
  • severe sweating or dry hand;
  • Long-term disadvantaged emotional
  • Long contact with irritating skin
    substances or materials;
  • Weakening of protective forces in the body due to
    Endocrine disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.

Allergic factor

Recently, due to the deterioration of environmental
Cases of allergic cases.

Allergens include:

  • Dyes and flavors of natural and
    synthetic origin, which are contained in hygiene products, products
    household chemicals and food;
  • Separate drugs to which
    Individual intolerance, vaccination and uncontrollable reception are observed
  • Some products: chocolate, honey, eggs,
    strawberries, citrus, sharp, smoked, salted and sweet products;
  • Biological agents: poplar fluff, pollen
    plants, mold, dust, wool, etc.

Allergic reactions can provoke wearing bracelets
and clothes contained allergens.

Symptoms of the disease

Eczema on hand may look different, depending on
caused its reasons. But there are a number of signs common to any forms

  • inflammatory hyperemia (redness);
  • Education filled with liquid bubbles and their
    autopsy with mocky skin erosion;
  • swelling of the inflated sections;
  • acantolysis — Having peeling the epithelium
    due to disruption of the ties between epitheliocytes, peeling of the skin;
  • Itching in the field of redness as a result of edema.

Bubbles on the skin, bursting, separated serous fluid. IN
Damage places formed Jews and small cracks.

Types of eczema on hand

Distinguish several varieties of the disease.

Eczema on her arms
True eczema. The disease begins with the appearance
Veinsicle containing serous fluid. The affected skin is blushing, formed
Small cracks. In the transition of the disease in chronic form increases swelling
And the processes of skin erosion increase.

Microbial eczema occurs as a result of skin infection
Around fries. Characterized by the appearance of clearly defined areas of pink
and blue shades that are covered by scales. In places damaged
The scales are the succulent dew, the area of ​​damage is gradually

Eczema Professional has clinical manifestations similar
With the symptoms of true. Its occurrence is caused by contact with the skin of the hands
Production Allergen. The first manifestation of the disease is the contact
dermatitis, at the initial stages it is possible effective treatment and full
Restoring skin structure. When continuing contact with an allergen disease
goes into a chronic form.


To get rid of eczema on hand requires complex
treatment. During this period, it is reasonable to organize labor regime and
Provide a full-fledged organism. Contact with any substances,
causing allergies should be excluded. Diet is also needed,
Exception from the ration of citrus, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, sharp, salted
and smoked dishes of any type.

Exterior forms are prescribed to remove inflammatory reactions
Corticosteroids. Elimination of allergens and toxins from the body
Antihistamines contribute to antihistamines. To support the nervous system, serve
Herbal infusions and various sedatives. Recommended also
Use of antiseptics based ointments, various bums and baths. IN
Periods of remission for the prevention of disease exacerbation should be taken
Vitamins complexes.

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