These 9 habits will make you healthy


These 9 habits will make you healthyNo man who would not want to be healthy. Basically, we focus on food and sports, but forget that mental and psychological health — Important component of general health. Nine habits that are completely easy to work out, make you more beautiful, tightening and more optimistic.

one. Start the day with affirmation

We somehow wrote about affirmations in detail. Choose the main thing, what you need most and formulate it in the form of a positive approval of the first person. It turns out something like this: «I am happy every minute of my life and use all the opportunities to achieve success».
No matter how fantastic will your affirmations are. The main thing — that they give you pleasure. Just follow the rule of their use — Every day, right in the morning, you can still in bed.

2. Slightly less coffee

Coffee is useful in small quantities — Cup in the morning. All the rest of the caffeine start gradually replacing other drinks (only not carbonated sweet) — Green tea, water with lemon and fresh berries (can be frozen), herbal teas and influences. This is especially true when habitually want hot, because warm and hot drink reduces stress hormones. Caffeine if he has too much to drink (and we are often doing it often), revolit and prevents soberly thinking.

3. Enjoy food

Food — it's a pleasure. But if you eat on the run, you deprive yourself a buzz from taste. Select time for breakfast, lunch, dinner so that you do not distract anything. Conveniently sit away from the computer and books, set aside the phone, put the plates and glasses beautifully. If possible, eat in a pleasant company. When you are fully focused on food, you, firstly, do not move, secondly, have time to relax even for a short break.

4. Chew

We teach children thoroughly chew food, and they ourselves neglect these rules. But in saliva contains the most important digestive enzymes. If you do not eat enough for a long time, poorly crushing your teeth, you can regularly launch very useful substances that are learned only in the mouth. In addition, chewing again will not give you to eat more than you need to saturate.

five. Traditional steps

If you start ignore the elevators, you will not only become tightly and vessels, you also improve your psychological state. The effect is described by thousands of times: any physical activity causes an increased production of endorphins, which give you a feeling of joy and self-relief and add energy.

If you, without that all the time, go to the stairs, increase the load: go on tiptoe — You will immediately feel how the muscles are strained, which were previously almost inactive.

6. Walk

Total twenty-minute walk greatly increases brain activity, especially if the sun shines. Not to mention vitamin D, which is produced only in the sun, and about the mood that increases when your eyes get enough natural light.

7. Listen to music

These 9 habits will make you healthyYou are not only tired and not as much from work, how much from the road. Noisy crowds, crowded transport, close streets — All this annoys and raises a desire to spend all weekends at home. Cut out from unnecessary noise player in which a calm relaxing music will sound. A few days later you will feel that you come to the office in a much better mood, the sooner.

eight. Smile

Why do you think Americans have a stress level on average significantly lower than that of Russian? Americans are constantly smiling. They are not customary to walk down the street with a gloomy face, which expresses discontent with himself and life. They smile, even when they are not all right. And this is not a hypocrisy, but a way to self-help with a bad mood. The psyche and body are associated very firmly, and what makes the body, inevitably reflected in the state of the soul. Therefore, if you do not care (especially if you feel bad), smile. Smile makes you younger, reduces pressure and tension and dull pain.

nine. Stretch between business

True, nice to pull, lying in bed? Pulling all day. Just raise your hands up and try reaching the cloud, pull your legs and stretch the socks forward, to success, twist your head and burn aside. Do it right now, without even finishing the article, and you will instantly add strength and will rise.

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