Loneliness of the elderly


  • The trouble of Russian pensioners
  • Sad stories
  • Attempts to cope with loneliness

  • Moscow Staret. Statistics argue that the average age of Moskvich is 39 years old, and Muscovites - 41 years. But it is Middle. In general, a quarter of the inhabitants of the city - two and a half million - pensioners. And in their regiment arrives every year 120-150 thousand people. While new Muscovites is born one and a half times less.

    It would seem the legitimate process for the old woman of Europe, if it were not for one «but»: Being an unemployed pensioner in Moscow - a big job. And it's not even so much in the amount of a pension that allows old men to keep in front of a poverty line, but does not allow to enjoy life. According to her, they do not rush to her, how they are doing on a well-deserved holiday their foreign peers.

    The trouble of Russian pensioners

    Business Megapolis does not like helpless. And therefore a fabulous result «They lived long and happily» After retirement care in Moscow, it often looks like a sad irony for people who are in complete vacuum of loneliness. These psychologists are shouting about this: it is a sense of unnecessary to others, according to the Moscow Institute of Practical Psychology, leads the elderly residents of the capital not only to diseases, but often to suicides. More than half of suicides occurs just among pensioners, and only 30-40 percent of them are mentally ill. In Russia, the number of old people who have committed with them on average increases by 10 percent per year. Moscow and Peter - the first in this black list. This is the data of the World Health Organization.

    What pushes them to such a desperate step in Moscow, where there has been no war for a long time, destroying, where urban surcharges to pensions are constantly growing? Of course, those who ripped a contract with life, you will not ask about it. Therefore, the answer to this question of life and death I tried to find from representatives, so to speak, «at-risk groups» - metropolitan pensioners that feel lonely and forgotten. And often even with living relatives.

    Sad stories

    Loneliness of the elderly«I don't even call the greatness, it does not visit: I'm in a big way. In addition, his wife did not believe me: he says that it is not specifically dying, so as not to give them an apartment, although all the property has long been decorated for the greatness, - Larisa Grigorievna is divided into. - No, I do not complain about retirement, I am repressed.»

    In 93, she was accustomed to keep offenses in themselves - no one test for strength passed. Did not have time to get married and give birth to a son, as in 1937 they came to her «Voronke» and sent to the camps for political. For five years. Survived. Returning, with difficulty found the work of the typist. But soon the husband died. Followed by him, in 1944, died in the accident of the Snow, in a few years UGAS and Son, later - sister...

    «Tired of living, out of the house I'm not going to eight years. The head is spinning, I fall constantly and I can not stand for a long time, - franks out a woman.- One girlfriend remained from friends, and she is not up to me often: small great-grandchildren».

    Products? Once a week, a boy from his compans, that's just a sorry that he lost the social card, now there are no discounts in stores. She could not assume that you can make a duplicate card, the boy hung it from her. Said only that used to trust people.

    Oddly enough, no less reasons to be closed and go to ourselves is both those who are still able to leave the house, and therefore has access to great life. For 72-year-old Elena Sitnikova, for example, became a blow to a banal fact. Her friend did not tell her about the wedding of his granddaughter she loved very much. «She decided that I would certainly nourish the wedding, and it was important for me just to congratulate the girl on this day. When I realized that I was pushed back to the background, baked all day», - Elena Mikhailovna is recognized. This little things at first glance turned out to be enough to make a diagnosis «Nobody needs a pensioner» And slightly: the legs were treated.

    Ekaterina Markovna Drobyshev «offended» refrigerator. The one that she is free as social assistance to lonely workers of the rear issued by May 9. She waited for him, he was for her some «Order» For merit before the fatherland. But the white box was not large and imported, but small and Russian. «I wanted to throw it out, so he annoyed me»,- remembers bitterness. Offense did not take for a long time.

    Stories are different, and the final one. Psychologists assure that in such a state, one per one with the feeling of one's own cloth is dangerous to life.

    Attempts to cope with loneliness

    Many self-preservation instinct makes looking for a way out. Social service centers of the Department of Protection, existing in the capital for ten years, conceived as one of the options for helping old men. This is a kind of clubs for them, available one in each of the 125 districts of the city. In the dining room there you can dine in a good company. Meet with social workers, psychologists, lawyers, health workers. On the basis of the centers from ten in the morning to six in the evening, the departments of rehabilitation and circles work, concerts are held, birthdays are celebrated, ways of treating the most common ailments are discussed. But in order to get here, the ticket has sometimes waiting a little without years. Demand is more than the ability of the centers to accept everyone. Soon, 60 more such centers will open in Moscow. But the duration of the voucher will remain the same - month. To get another month, you need to wait again. Management representatives say that the city has no money to feed all those coming here for free. That many are ready to come not so much for dinner, as for the sake of communication, apparently, does not come to mind.

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