Why antibiotics need to drink a course, or how not to become a package of microbes?


Why do antibiotics need to drink a course, or how not to become a package of microbes?
All medicines can be divided into two groups. Some of them we
accept from the case to occasion, for example, when the head got sick, rose
Temperature laid nose. As soon as the symptoms disappear, we
Stop treatment, and there is no special misfortune — Many drugs
imply a single or twofold reception. However, there is a lot
the number of drugs that are accounted for to achieve a persistent effect
tread. These drugs include antibiotics.

Endless war in which there are no winners

Antibiotics, which means «acting against microbes»,
were open in the last century. Penicillin obtained from mold mushrooms
committed a revolution in medicine, opened new opportunities in treatment
infectious inflammatory diseases and saved millions of lives. In those days are not frightened
Similar drugs, microbes could not resist the offensive and low
lost in Penicillin War. However soon they learned
defend themselves, created whole new armies of invincible warriors who are already
It was impossible to defeat Penicillin.

For less than 60 years since the opening of antibiotics
Pharmacists had to create many other antibacterial drugs, and
all with the sole purpose — army doctors against continuously
Evolving microbes producing antibiotic resistant

Unintentional help of enemy

Penicillins, macrolides, tetracycles, streptomycins,
Levomycetins, carbopenmes — All these are various groups of antibiotics designed
complicating the life of microbes and ruthlessly kill them for the benefit of human health.
However, unfortunately, some of us try to prevent
fulfillment of such an important mission.

Imagine that you have purulent alarg. The doctor appointed you
Antibiotic and said to take it 1 tablet 4 times a day for 7 days.
And here is the war against microbes that caused inflammation of the almonds, started.
Macesed bombing for the third day brings fruits — Millions
Bacteria died, the temperature was normalized, the pain in the throat was subsided. And here you are
make a decision to stop drinking medicine — Indeed, why
to strive your body if the disease passed. You make a catastrophic error.

The fact is that even active hostilities for
short time cannot lead to the complete destruction of the enemy. Yes, 90%
microbes dies, but survives 10% persistent «Soldier», which give
same and even stronger offspring.

Representatives of a new improved generation of microbes
actively multiply, begins to keep silent work and at the end
ends when it comes a convenient moment, go to open aggression,
The result of which the exacerbation is becoming already chronic angina. New
generation of microbes no longer scare with old weapons, and a new one may turn out to be
destructive not only for these little aggressors, but for everything

We draw conclusions

Why do antibiotics need to drink a course, or how not to become a package of microbes?
Antibiotics should be drinking courses so as not to turn sharp
infection in chronic, which will already be difficult to defeat. Besides
think about others, because microbes are transferred from person to man, and your
neighbor is unlikely to tell you thanks if you reward it sustainable
Antibiotics strain.

Alternatively, negligence or carelessness in
reception of drugs is fraught with the appearance of poly-resistant strains of microorganisms,
who do not work most of the existing today
Antibiotics. It inevitably leads to outbreaks of incurable and deadly
infections whose victim can be every. While pharmacoams manage
allocate new antibiotics, get their effective combinations, but with each
The year of the microbes become all cunning, and less space remains for maneuvers.

How not to become an ally of microbes?

  1. Antibiotics should be taken only by
    Appointment of a doctor. After all, it is not a fact that the drug selected independently in the pharmacy
    will be effective in a concrete situation, it can only scare microbes and give
    they will signal to new armament.
  2. Antibiotics need to take a course to finish
    microbes and deprive their chance to leave offspring.
  3. It is necessary to clearly observe the recovery mode of the antibiotic,
    and not take it when convenient to you. If the instructions are written to accept
    the drug is 6 times a day, then you have to start the alarm clock to drink
    Medicine at night. Otherwise, the microbes will receive a breather and have time to increase
    His rows.
  4. It is necessary to clearly fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor and
    read what is written in the instructions to accidentally do not weaken action
  5. If for 3-4 days on the background of the reception
    The antibiotic does not occur improvement, you need to consult a doctor, possibly,
    The drug is powerless against your microbes and should be replaced with another, more

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