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  • Your close man is sick, he needs round-the-clock care and care? It is almost impossible to cope with this task yourself, and in some cases it is even undesirable. What is connected not only with employment at work, the lack of necessary knowledge for the provision of care, but also so that the patient's permanent stay will sooner or later affect your own health…

    In the current situation, many families decide to hire a nurse. Its search, in essence, comes down to three options: through friends and acquaintances, by ads and through firms specializing in personnel selection or actually patronage services.

    Pluses of search

    The first option is good for its cheap. In this case, the cost of services of the nurse with accommodation will be $ 150-250 per month. Some more expensive will cost the nurses found on ads (as a rule, these are nurses, students of medical institutes or those who came to earn money in the neighboring countries). Hour of their work on average will cost $ 2-5, and services with accommodation - 300-350 $.

    At the same time, the fulfillment of all necessary medical manipulations in the cost of services of the nurse does not include. For injections or a dropper will have to pay separately - from 50 to 200 rubles.

    Cons search

    The cons both of these options are, first of all, in the unpredictability of the results and the absence of any guarantees. Not to mention criminal cases, because stories about how the nurse robbed the patient or persuaded the old man to rewrite the old man in her name, more than enough.

    Such an employee is not too reliable: the visitors can suddenly sick aunt in Konotop, and the student will begin the session.

    What to do

    So, if you failed to find a nurse on acquaintance, the only way to insure from the surprises - contact a specialized firm. The benefit of the case, in Moscow there are quite a few.

    There are patronage services that provide services for free (with the clinical hospital of the Moscow Patriarchate or the Jewish community), but their employees are careful about sick or elderly if those who need care are completely alone.

    In this case, you will have to contact either in personnel agencies or specialized firms that are engaged in the provision of patronage services at home and in hospitals.

    Search for satiests through personnel agencies

    Recruitment agencies are usually ready to offer you not only a nurse, but also a nanny for a child, an amateur assistant, a gardener or a chauffeur.

    The commission, charged in this case by the company for providing its services, will be equal to the monthly salary of the employed employee ($ 350-700), or, if it comes to hourly work - 150-300 $, depending on the degree of personnel professionalism.

    If the employee for some reason does not suit you or the hired nurse fell ill with my grandmother, and she should urgently leave, the company undertakes to provide a replacement. In this case, you don't have to pay for the selection services.

    Search satisfying through patronage services

    Search satisfying
    The second category includes specialized firms that are engaged in the provision of patronage services at home and in hospitals (this is required, as a rule, in cases where it is necessary round-the-clock or night duty near the patient's bed, for example, after surgery).

    Such organizations in Moscow about a dozen are most famous «Alfarvismed», «Astra M», «Moscow Cartridge Service», «Indmedia», «Help», «Canon», Patronizing Service at the Medical Advisory Center «Smartline». Second assistants, nurses and faghers are available in their own state. You can conclude an agreement for the provision of care services for the patient, disabled or an older person, having arrived in the office or by calling the dispatcher (the agreement will send you a courier, it costs 100-150 rubles.).

    In the contract, as a rule, specific services are negotiated, which undertakes to provide the company and their value. Some companies are willing to provide services to the elderly under the rent contract, that is, the old man will be care for free to the end of life if he makes it a firm his living space.

    The standard set of services provided by the patronage company turns out to be in daytime mode (from 400 rubles. in seven hours), night (from 600 rubles.) or daily (from 900 rubles.) duty. Some firms may find a nurse with accommodation, payment in this case is usually the monthly (from $ 400). Thus, hygienic care is ensured (washing, laundry, feeding the patient in accordance with the desired diet, processing and prevention of bedtime and T.D.), therapeutic massage and physical education. The performance of other medical manipulations is paid separately (intramuscular and intravenous injections - from 50 rubles. and 150 rubles. respectively; Installation of a dropper - from 200 rubles.; Pulling - from 150 rubles.). You can agree that the nurse bought products, I prepared food, washing and cleaned the ward room. «Branded» Nurse on principle «all inclusive» cost a minimum of $ 50 per day. Among other things, the patronage company can arrange the transportation of the patient in a specially equipped car, but this will also cost at least 1.5 thousand. rub.

    This situation is in the market of Moscow's patronage services at the moment, but what to choose from it, to solve you.

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