Types of addicts. Stages of drug addiction


  • First adjustment floor
  • Second Ventation Floor
  • Third bedding
  • Fourth bedroom floor
  • Below the bottom

  • The latter will inevitably come down on «Lifte» To the lower level of drug addiction. The first can «slip away» and finish the same «descent down», Even if they promised themselves that this would not happen (but then, before they started, they did not know the whole truth about drugs).

    First adjustment floor

    Man regularly drinks and / or started smoking marijuana.

    To get drunk regularly - it means to try to find a pleasure in intoxication or consolation in «Full turning». Doing this, a person is included in the possession of drug addiction. It's not just to participate in «Parties». It is to come I «get drunk». These are different things, and they must be called their own names. Experimentation with marijuana is the use of drugs. This is not the least «floor», But this is a complete consent to the use of addictive drugs acting on the psyche. Many people smoke «grass», And so many of them will continue to smoke it and ten, and in twenty years, although at the very beginning they swore that they would not do that.

    The truth from which the young man should not turn away is that when he or she decides to accept an acceptance of experimentation with marijuana, he or she directs his «elevator» on the floor below «Bases at home».
    It's not the same thing that drink. Chemicals in alcohol and marijuana are very different from each other. Therefore, rather long-term mental phenomena are connected with marijuana.

    In addition, the fact is that in the modern world every child will have to face numerous and often repetitive invitations to smoke marijuana. The only path so that he or she did not smoke marijuana - this is at the very beginning to make a decision to refrain from the use of changing the psyche of drugs. But it all depends on what time how. It should be abstinence, not moderation. One day to smoke marijuana, and the residual phenomena of hallucinogenic drugs are delayed in the tissues of the body for years. The result is obscured.

    If your baby started smoking «grass», You are talking already with a person who began to experiment with drug impacts.

    «Elevator» Begins to turn into B «escalator». This «escalator» continues to crawl down. And even if a person takes a conscious attempt to go with him, it's not so easy to do. Ends all the fact that a man unsuccessfully runs back up the downstairs moving down. He has to run and encounter on the rest, joyfully descending down.

    Second Ventation Floor

    Experimentation with other so-called «Recreational» Drugs (inhalers, Ecstasy, LSD).

    The desired effect is now serious mental and biochemical changes. Applying inhalers, a person is experiencing dizziness, becomes stupid, incomprehensible and often loses consciousness. Consumer, scent glue or gasoline and this strongly poisoning its body, believes that even headaches can suffer, just to get the desired narcotic effect. Loss of consciousness is considered simply as another type «travels». Man happily says: «Let's Ostloumem», Having due to the loss of consciousness.

    Today's children often claim to hold «under control» affecting the psyche of drugs that they use. Difficult addiction, they consider it - this is the problem of their intense elders from the Hippie generation. Today, they say, becoming smarter and more informed thanks to the erases of the elders, they all night are accepted by LSD on their raw discs only in small doses, insufficient to «Get a real bua» and not to earn a detrimental habit, but simply to make the evening more impressive. Currently, such a stimulant is popular as a screw. But in any form, this drug is very harmful to the body, very harmful to chemistry of the brain and is definitely addictive (t. E. Taking it in order to shift a mental perception, you agree to the consumption of destructive drugs for the body). Similar young people forgot about simple arithmetic. The point is not how much the drug you take at a time. It is important how much drugs you take in the amount. But there are drugs that act per person already when dosage in one millionth gram (for example, LSD).

    Types of addiction. Stages of drug addiction
    From this point on, young people will be forced to lead a lies based. Police will inevitably arrest all parties on which these drugs were discovered. Parents will prohibit their children to go to such assessments, and though he will have to learn the art of deception.

    LSD and HIS «Comrades» always act like inrogenic invaders. There was never anything natural. As one person has admitted. Drug use is an attempt to find a way out of the real world. Propaganda «Expansion of mental capabilities» and «Expansion of consciousness» From the very beginning there was a lie.

    You can for 30 minutes under the influence of LSD feel like your mind rushed along with a rocket into space, but after that you will feel that some part of you left forever in orbit.

    If you have suspicion or evidence that your son or daughter began to use potent, affecting the psyche of drugs, discussion of the topic about drugs is out of the limits «Anti-drug education». Now they will assume that they know about drugs more than you. «If you yourself have tried it, father, then where can you know that I feel?» - say or they think. (By the way, the same people who have addiction to heroin, cracks and methamphetamine are saying the same «plow» from these drugs). But here young people still feel good. They just flew into orbit and saw several stars there. So what is the problem?

    And the problem is definitely that part of the consequences of narcotic «strike» is that they are no longer capable of looking at the world as it should. School, classes, future career, family relationship, morality, concept of good and evil . . . Many important things forever left in orbit around some dark star, which they also did not choose. LSD was and still remains a psychiatric drug created in order to cause artificial, «Experimental» madness. And so far does not exist (and never will exist) «Anti Lsd Tablets».

    Third bedding

    Man tries drugs, quickly causing addiction: cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and t. D.

    Now «elevator», Undoubtedly, transforms into «Moving down escalator». Here is no longer anything to discuss.

    Your main task is confronted by the fact that. E. Watch the truth, and not to play three fools: one blind, the other deaf, the third. You must see what you see, hear what hear, and you should openly express your opinion. If you are afraid of the consequences of open confrontation of the problem (for example, irritable denial of what drugs consumed), it means that you would be much more pleasant to the quiet funeral subsequently. If you allowed it to go so far, or, if it came to such a stage, bypassing your vigilance (or it could happen far away from you, at school or somewhere in another city), you must safely meet the truth. It is now when PE came, not later.

    If you are lucky, then you will learn about the problem from your son or daughters who will come to you, frightened to death, and ask for help.

    Maybe they happily promise you anything, for example, that they will no longer use drugs. And at that moment they will really think so.

    In this case, you should contact the specialists. Serious work is necessary in order to reduce that harm that has been applied to the consumption of crack, heroin, methamphetamine and various doses of hallucinogen. And get rid of such a problem. Now it is not enough «just not to say». Even if the abstinence is supported for some time, sudden and sharp relapses may occur.

    Fourth bedroom floor

    Spiral addiction: Under the influence of drug addiction, social system and moral values ​​are destroyed.

    This is the cases that neither the cinema, nor television, nor magazines or novels would already be able to subdivide the actual identity decomposition. No need to give you examples. All you read in the boulevard press or heard through other media, in fact, right. Do not be surprised that it can still happen, once before us, a drug addict who went to the robbery, an explicit lie in order to quench his unbearable hunger.

    Types of addiction. Stages of drug addiction
    At this stage there is nothing unusual if you learn about the problem in the middle of the night from the phone call from prison or hospital. Or you will come to the fact that all the time you will wait for it to happen.

    Recovery from narcotic addiction does not happen without conscious efforts and sincere, hard work. Without this, the harmful habit is getting worse and worse.

    You must ask for help. It is impossible to pretend that she or him will be better. Or that if you love him or her more, then a miracle will happen. «Game in drugs» went far. Maybe too far. But you are obliged to call for help. Do not wait until a convenient time comes. Call to the rescue. Get ready to act. If you moved the truck and you lay in the blood on the street, you would not want people to continue to quietly doubt their coffee. You would suffer from pain and disorder. The same applies to a drug addict who is now lying, deceives, steal or makes other crimes to support his habit. Or it is headed by a foreign chemical force. And in order to save him or her, you will need professional and competent assistance.

    Now there is no time to talk to the drug consumer. It's time to talk with specialists. You can not believe what the drug addict. Even if he himself is a trial in what he says, after a few minutes or hours, he will already be another person, experiencing torments due to the need for any chemicals. From now on, he will now all the time «enemy», no longer knowing who he really is.

    Below the bottom

    Losses, loss, deprivation.

    Below this level is no longer «grounds», only degradation and death. Or at least a prison. But, according to statistics of the whole world, the deprivation of freedom does not help drug addict.

    Let's not deceive yourself. Drug addicts are kept in custody in order to protect us, and not themselves.

    Common tool that some «Fullable» Therapists or organizations are to make a drug addict «find out what bottom».

    The bottom can be death or catastrophe, but not recovery. Sometimes a person hits the bottom of the drug addiction with great power.

    In my opinion, to allow someone to reach such a state, it means to confess to the complete absence of its own ability to act.

    If a person is already serious enough «stuck» in a crazy desire to get a drug, for him the help no longer means help. Now she means betrayal, causing pain, or «You are going to manipulate me», or a thousand other interpretations «No one can reach me here». But the trained consultant can «Restore» Before the addict, especially if he was already in such a state in the past and held all this way to full freedom from chemicals.

    Rule that can help save the life to man remember very easy. Please do not expect.
    Act, based on our own feelings, whether you do not care, or have some evidence or facts.

    Act. Do not wait.

    The thing is, for that sign on the gates of hell, which, as written by Dante, says: «Leave hope, everyone's incoming», Other lies: «welcome to Hell. You can no longer wait. Next to go nowhere».

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