Methods of treating cystitis


  • Down with infection!
  • Take more fluid
  • Hygiene primarily!
  • Warmly – recipe for success!
  • The painful means will not damage
  • You must sit on a diet
  • Try to spend for yourself «Entertainment therapy»

  • Down with infection!

    The reason for cystitis is infection. In most cases, it causes an intestinal wand, which is in the thick intestine, and until certain time does not appear in the body. But it is enough only to a favorable situation, whether it is a simple hypothermation or immunity respite to take an active position. Then the intestinal wand moves to the bladder. As a result, the mucosa of this organ is inflamed, which leads to cystitis. Today they allocate ureaplasma and chlamydia, which is equally with an intestinal wand, can cause cystitis. Although they become the cause of the disease much less.

    Methods of treating cystitis

    So if you decide to cure the disease, first of all, get rid of your body from its pathogens. Of course, antibiotics will be the most effective assistant here. Therefore, not postponing Go to the urologist as soon as you find the first symptoms of the disease. The doctor will be able to appoint drugs that are suitable for you.

    In this case, if the doctor attributed a certain duration of reception of drugs, do not reduce it. Very often, patients make a mistake, throwing a course of treatment as soon as the first troubles retreated. Often you can not even notice that the inflammatory process continues, and as a result, you can get chronic cystitis. It is much more difficult to cure. In order not to make mistakes, do not refuse until the end of the course of treatment from the designated drugs.

    Today in pharmacies you can find many antibacterial drugs that will help you get rid of infection. For example, Nolitsin. Reception rules: 1 Tablet three times a day for 3-5 days.

    If you are limited in time, then take advantage of an equally efficient means – Montoual. Reception rules are one-time 3 g 2 hours before eating or after. The drug has good tolerability, can be used during pregnancy, and also almost does not have side effects. Among the phytopreparats I would like to allocate cyston. This vegetable complex drug is characterized as a good coat, and therefore it does not have to spend a lot of time on the preparation of renal teas. The effect of the drug: antiseptic, diuretic and antispasmodic effect, contributes to the main treatment by eliminating most symptoms.

    Take more fluid

    Bacteria that caused the appearance of cystitis are derived from the body with urine. And therefore, the more fluid you will drink, the more bacteria the body will take. Best if you can drink up to 1.5-2 l every day.

    Variety in drinks is even better. However, you definitely do not make it wrong if you stop the choice on the water.

    Undesirable during illness drinking coffee, tea or carbonated drinks. The same applies to mineral waters. The fact is that these products cause irritation of the bladder. And, of course, give up alcohol. You can prepare the chest, compote, drink brushing or cranberry juice, as a last resort, let yourself a little fastening tea diluted with milk. All this drink should be not very sweet and warm.

    You can also drink juices if the juices from which they are cooked, do not cause you allergies. As a rule, it includes pears, green apples, black currant and apricots. Try to abandon citrus juices, because in addition to different vitamins, they contain elements capable of causeing irritation of the bladder.

    Skills from beets, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins are perfect.

    But from tomato juice it is better to refuse. Frequently often on the counters of stores you can find juice, which contains in excess salt and spices. So stop the choice on fresh juices.

    Such juices are prepared immediately before receiving. As a last resort per hour or two before use. In general, it is better for 30-40 minutes before eating drinking juice.

    Do not refuse from phytotherapy. During cystitis, infusions of the lingonberry sheet, tocheries, field chewing or parsley, because antiseptic and diuretic effects are inherent in these herbs. You can also take advantage of the collection of herbs, acquiring a kidney tea or a special urological complex.

    Hygiene primarily!

    If you hit the attack of cystitis, the adoption of a warm soul effectively. It is not only having hygienic purposes, but also acts painfully. But do not spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

    Remember that the direction of movements should be only in front – back. Better if the water is warm, boiled. Fit both specialized means for intimate hygiene and the usual baby soap.

    Warmly – recipe for success!

    If you have suspicion of cystitis, take care to warp the body. Also twist to a minimum walking down the street. If you doubt, only the bladder has struck infection, it is better not to take warm baths. Especially refrain from the baths of hot or hiking in a bath or sauna.

    When cystitis, the use of dry heat is much more effective. To do this, use the electrical or rubber heating, pouch moths or river sand. Heat to 35-58 degrees, and then placing the abdominal at the bottom of the 20 minutes. The procedure should be repeated after a break in 20-30 minutes. Even better if such warming you will continue within a few hours.

    Another effective means to cystitize – These are foot baths. Water temperature can be 36-38 ° C. At the same time, holding the feet of the legs in water for 10-15 minutes, you need to wipe on their dryness, go to bed and take advantage of the warm heating.

    The painful means will not damage

    In particular, accept Kathetonal. It is also produced in candles, and in tablets, the action is quite effective. As a rule, you will be enough one candle or pills for the whole day. Another preparation of high efficiency – This is Nooofen.

    In case you do not leave pain, try adding an antispasmodic. Do not look for originality, and refer to the old good but-ship, for example, but Sipe Forte, which can be found in modern pharmacies. One-time reception of this medication per day. Such combined drugs such as Baratgin and Pentalgin. These medicines act both pain and spasmodic and antispasmodically.

    Among the phytopreparations can be advised by the cyston, produced in tablets, or cysteneal, spasmodic in drops.

    You must sit on a diet

    You can eat almost any products. Exceptions are only those that have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane. For example, this group includes black and red pepper, marinades, vinegar, mixed spices. So go around for some time without acidic, very saline or sharp dishes. Better cook yourself wonderful stewed dishes or boiled vegetables.

    Also add dairy products to the diet. Even even fermented milk containing bifidobacteria.

    The treatment period of acute cystitis – 6-10 days. However, do not refuse diet and tinnists of herbs, at least 2-3 weeks.

    Try to spend for yourself «

    Entertainment therapy»

    These are primarily actions aimed at facilitating its condition. These include relaxing massage, good music, favorite movie. Just remember those things from which you get pleasure. Just do not forget that you need more fluid, so try to go to rest so that at least every 3 hours take fluid.

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