Touretta syndrome

Turater syndrome is a neuralgic state, the development of which most often begins in childhood. A person having this disease periodically makes uncontrollable sounds, words or perform uncontrollable movements. This syndrome is also called the Syndrome of Gilles de la Turnetta.

Similar motility disorders often manifest in children aged 2-8 years. In this case, voice and sound disorders are usually formed earlier. Peak manifestation of such pathologies is usually observed when a child reaches 12 years of age. In adolescence, most children have such violations are significantly less or at all pass. Sometimes symptoms are able to continue even in an adult.

Tiki affect each child in different ways. For example, some children experience difficulties to communicate with their family and friends, even with insignificant ticks. This naturally reduces the self-esteem of such children. In addition, such violations interfere with normally study at school and create complexes. If ticks often occur, the child may be required to be treated, in which it is necessary to obtain advice from doctors and use drugs assigned by them.


brain, neurology, nervous tick, psyche, turret syndrome

The reasons for the development of turret syndrome today were not fully understood. Most experts adhere to the opinion that this syndrome is formed at the genetic level. It is believed that it provokes the appearance of this pathology also deterioration of ecology. After all, this fact may adversely affect pregnancy, namely, to wear and form a future child.

The risk of such syndrome also rises if a woman during pregnancy abused cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and coffee.

In addition, if a woman suffered from a pronounced vomit on the first trimester and Nausea, At the same time, severe stress experienced, it also increases the risk of developing pathology.

In addition, to cause the development of turret syndrome can deficiency of oxygen in the blood, which is submitted to the child during birth. Also, the formation of the syndrome, often cause auto-immune neuropsychiatric disorders in children who have a connection with streptococcal infection. Because of this, the condition of children with this syndrome can deteriorate, and can lead to a sudden appearance of teaks.


brain, neurology, nervous tick, psyche, turret syndrome

The diagnosis of Turhat's syndrome is usually not difficult. Exception is only syndrome with chronic ticks. So, the disease is characterized by repeatability, speed, lack of rhythm and involuntary of teak.

The diagnosis is usually not put immediately after the manifestation of Tikov. First, the patient about a year is observed. In addition, for the diagnosis, a person must pass a neurological examination, with which one can exclude organic lesion of the brain, which occurs when developing a tumor. Only after that the doctor can put the final diagnosis and assign the appropriate treatment. It is worth knowing all the parent who have children with similar violations.


With the help of early diagnosis, the child's parents can understand that his behavior is involuntary and does not mean that he was given bad education and that the punishment cannot help understand the baby that it is impossible to behave. Treatment of turret syndrome is based on a decrease in the manifestations of Tikov, and the purpose of treatment is the social adaptation of the patient. To treat such motility disorders, haloperidol is often used. This drug is considered fairly effective, but it can cause some adverse reactions. In particular, when taking this fund, tensions in muscles, weight gain, drowsiness, vision disorder and slowing down thinking process.

brain, neurology, nervous tick, psyche, turret syndrome

Another drug that is used for the treatment of pathology is the loose. Side effects of this drug are usually less pronounced. For the treatment of turret syndrome, such a drug like clofelin is also used. This medicine makes it possible to control anxiety and intrusive-forced behavior. Side effects of this drug are less severe than in Limoside and Haloperidol. Sometimes in the treatment of this syndrome, a tranquilizer clonazepam is used.

A rather effective method of treatment that has no side effects is psychotherapy. The main purpose of such treatment is the adaptation of the child to the world around the world so that it perceives adequately his health problems and did not consider himself abnormal. In addition, with the help of psychotherapy it is possible to muffle the symptoms and even send pathological activity in the right direction.

Trerett syndrome is treated with the use of special game techniques, with the help of animal treatment, fairy tales and art therapy. Mircetov notes that these techniques prevent the possibility of developing secondary problems. In addition, children who have a violation of motility must moderately play sports. Also they are also recommended to play musical instruments. Similar therapy is able to reduce the symptoms of the disease and make the life of the child better.

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