Briefly about vesiculitis


  • reasons vesiculitis
  • Manifestations and complications vesiculitis
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vesiculitis

  • reasons vesiculitis

    Briefly about vesiculitisVesicles - an inflammation of the seminal vesicles. Vesicles always develops as a complication of other infectious and inflammatory diseases. Most often it is a chronic disease of the urogenital system (prostatitis, urethritis, epididymitis), but may be a common infectious disease (flu, sore throat). However, most of vesicles occurs in men, long-term chronic prostatitis. In most cases, vesicles proceeds chronically.

    The seminal vesicles located between the urinarybladder and rectum. They are a pair of 4-5 cm body length, 2 cm width, 1.0-1.5 cm thickness. Seminal vesicles adjacent to the base of the prostate and is a winding tube with a plurality of recesses. Excretory ducts of the seminal vesicles are connected to the vas channel end section, forming a common duct semyaizvergayuschy.

    The emergence vesiculitis contribute to all of the same factors that contribute to the emergence of other inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs:

    • General hypothermia,
    • frequent constipation,
    • work in a sitting position,
    • a long period of abstinence,
    • excessive sexual activity,
    • sedentary lifestyle,
    • chronic inflammatory diseases,
    • immunosuppression.

    Manifestations and complications vesiculitis

    Vesiculitis Patients complain of general symptoms: weakness, fatigue, regular increase in body temperature to 37 degrees. There are pain over the pubis, perineum, smack in the groin, pelvis or lower back. Pain increases with bladder filling and during defecation. During defecation can cause discharge from the urethra. Ejaculation becomes painful, blood in the semen. All these manifestations may be expressed negligible or absent.

    Vesicles need to be treated. If untreated, a process exacerbated by - the body temperature rises to 38-39 degrees, pain and all other manifestations of the disease increases sharply. Can develop festering seminal vesicles, and help the patient can only be surgically. Chronic inflammation of the seminal vesicles may also spread to the epididymis, causing bilateral chronic epididymitis, which can lead to infertility.

    Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vesiculitis

    When the diagnosis is carried out vesiculitis rectalexamination, ultrasound examination, the patient passes the common blood and urine tests, sowing secretion of the seminal vesicles. Almost always, these surveys are sufficient for definitive diagnosis.

    Treatment vesiculitis conservative. Held antibiotic therapy, use soft laxatives, rectal suppositories with anesthetics. In the absence of acute inflammation are held physiotherapy, massage, seminal vesicles, hot microclysters etc. If surgery is needed festering bubble.

    Prevention is the treatment vesiculitisunderlying disease (chronic prostatitis) and elimination of the factors contributing to the development of the disease. Try not to become too cold, constipation, use laxatives, with sedentary work is required to arrange a pause outdoor activities, keep a regular sex life without long periods of abstinence and no frills, treat existing chronic diseases.

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