Recreation success? Make an appointment with the urologist


Recreation success? Make an appointment with the urologist
Men's Health after the holidays: the urologist will tell you the truth

Going to a well-deserved vacation, fewMen think about the consequences of casual sex. But the lack of means of protection, even during oral sex - is an occasion to reflect on the visit to the doctor-urologist, since many STDs are transmitted this way. The danger lies in the fact that with the exception of most of the gonorrhea disease does not manifest itself while the incubation period. The most insidious "male" diseases such as prostatitis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, most often develop virtually no symptoms. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone known representative of the stronger sex. This means that the consequences of an unresolved time urological problems will be aware of yourself a little later, and the most unpleasant way: in the form of cystitis, pyelonephritis, and male infertility, the worst starting impotence.

Disturbing symptoms in this case increasesexponentially, and if early man did not know about the changes occurring in the body, soon to close their eyes to the signs of the disease it becomes impossible. Pain during sexual intercourse, a perceived decline in erection, potency impairment, discharge from the penis, discomfort during urination (itching, burning), recurrent pain in the groin and lower back, improving the overall fatigue - all this not only indicates not detected in a timely manner of latent infection but also gives the uncertainty in their own abilities.

Zvarych Svetlana LvovnaAll of the above symptoms in thewhen a man expects it the least. But even the fleeting discomfort in the early development of the disease should have been alerted and become a reason to see a doctor-urologist. The most common visit to the specialist as a preventive measure to avoid the emergence of serious complications: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, urethritis, prostate diseases, lesions and polyps on the penis.

Highly qualified urologist can not only cure the disease has manifested, but also to prevent their development.
"Respect for the health androutine inspection of the urologist after returning from vacation - a guarantee that the male sexual abilities in the field will continue to please both him and his partner "- says a leading specialist clinic Evromedprestizh Zvarych Svetlana Lvovna, dermatologist, urologist.

For practical women in health centers"Evromedprestizh" developed special programs such profitable "posleotpusknyh" surveys at competitive prices: a basic program "Be healthy", which includes consultation of the urologist, and basic analysis (cost mini-programs will be discounted 3500rub.). As well as expansion of the program "Be healthy Standart» and «Cheers Premium», including the addition to the basic tests - US (prostate and bladder, kidney, organs of the scrotum), DNA diagnostics, as well as innovative ELI-test to detect the disease at the most early stage and 3 consulting any specialist clinic as a gift. Savings when buying programs will be 15-18%.

Only in June* urologist at the consultation in health centers "Evromedprestizh"
acts 50% discount.

Check your men's health now!
*The clinics at Pushkinskaya st.m.Shabolovskaya and from 7 to 30 June 2011.

Routine inspection at the gynecologist for womenIt recommended place every few months. Who says men need to contact the urologist less? Routine inspection urologist After a successful holiday - a guarantee of a long and successful sex life for any man!

To make an appointment to see a doctor, urologist, please call the medical center "Evromedprestizh".


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