Diagnosis of fibrosis


  • Neonatal diagnosis
  • Sweat sample
  • Tests for deficiency of the pancreas function
  • Prenatal diagnosis of fibrosis

  • Neonatal diagnosis

    Held newborn first month of life. The method is based on determining the level of blood content of the child's immunoreactive trypsin (IRT — The pancreatic enzyme. In the blood of newborns suffering from fibrosis, its content is increased almost 5-10 times. This analysis is produced in suspected fibrosis.

    Sweat sample

    If the doctor suspects fibrosis, he will send your child to a sweat sample — Main analysis for the diagnosis of this disease. The sample is based on determining the content of chlorides in the sweat fluid. Pilocarpine preparation is used for speaking sample — With a weak electric current (electrophoresis method), the drug is introduced into the skin and stimulates sweat glands. The collected sweat is weighed, then the concentration of sodium and chlorine ions are determined. For the final conclusion, 2-3 sweat samples are required.

    Tests for deficiency of the pancreas function

    Tests for deficiency of the pancreas function. Before appointment of treatment it is necessary to carry out a coprological study — Cal examine the content in it fat. The most affordable and accurate today should be considered a test for the definition of elastase-1 — The enzyme produced by the pancreas.

    Prenatal diagnosis of fibrosis

    Diagnosis of fibrosisPrenatal diagnosis of fibrosis. Currently, due to the possibility of DNA diagnostics, each particular patient with fibrosis and its parents are realistic to the prenatal diagnosis of this disease in the fetus. Families with burded inherent in the fibrosis wishing to have a child, in almost 96-100% of cases, the birth of a child without fibrosis is guaranteed. For this, future parents still in the period of pregnancy planning it is necessary to carry out DNA diagnosis and consult a genetics doctor. If each pregnancy occurs, it is necessary immediately (no later than 8 weeks of pregnancy) to contact the center of prenatal diagnostics, where at the 8-12 week of pregnancy, the doctor will conduct the genetic diagnosis of fetal fiber. Prenatal diagnosis is the prevention of this disease.

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