Six roads leading to prostatitis


  • Do not miss a single skirt
  • Avoid women
  • Sit, sit back and just sit still
  • Often excited
  • Do not pay attention to the chair
  • Tempered with no brains

  • Six roads leading to prostatitis

    Do not miss a single skirt

    Even if you're not a supporter of the love of money, it is still the law
    large numbers frequent change of sexual partners, sooner or later lead to infection with an infectious agent transmitted through sexual contact.

    And if venereal disease you may notice and cure, the
    other infections can settle in your prostate and make itself felt
    Only many months later.

    Avoid women

    If you are afraid of women or is so offended by the female sex that
    began to avoid all contact with them, then it's your business.

    But it is worth
    think of the prostate, which can be very serious offense at
    long-term abstinence. The fact that the stagnation in the prostate secretion
    quite capable of provoking an attack of prostatitis.

    Sit, sit back and just sit still

    No, it's not about his release by a court. And the love of chairs and
    chairs - at work, watching television, driving, etc. Blood stagnation
    the pelvic area - perfect conditions for the development of prostatitis. Even
    if you each hour to arrange a 10-minute walk or workout,
    the danger remains. The prostate requires a special exercise.

    Vosmerkoobraznaya arm which at one end engages the rear
    pass, and the other - the base of the penis - this is your object workouts! Each
    hour 10 minutes this muscle need to rhythmically compress, but slowly. at the expense of
    1-2-3-4-5 annoying, but at the expense 6-7-8-9-10 relax. And do
    This can be at any position of the body.

    Often excited

    Brake their sexual instincts. Excitation not
    ending with ejaculation, is very harmful to the prostate. Exactly
    it is not necessary to stretch to infinity preliminary lovemaking
    and interrupt the process of ejaculation.

    Do not pay attention to the chair

    This time the question of the chair, which we regularly leave in
    toilet. If you have finished your intestines to constipation and rare visits to
    the toilet you have to make an effort, then it increases
    intra-abdominal pressure, which provokes congestion in the prostate.

    Tempered with no brains

    Do not take any cold as an opportunity to temper
    body. Thoughtless hypothermia lowers his defenses
    and opens the way to infection, including the prostate. Much better
    use douches to the perineum.

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