Progress achievements - for the health of the child


Membranes and thermal linen

Clothing with membrane layer is a novelty of the last two decades. It allows even in high humidity conditions to preserve a comfortable temperature and dryness. In clothes out «Traditional» Materials we feel comfortable as long as it is dry. From a variety of materials, only wool has a character to warm, even being raw. Cotton, viscose, silk and polyester in a wet state no longer hees.

The secret of the membrane technology is as follows: there are micropores in the fabric, which allow the body to breathe, but absolutely not let moisture from the external environment. In windy and rainy weather, a membrane costume is put on the thermal underwear - a knitted kit, contacting directly with the skin. The problem of the thermal ward is similar to the membrane function - to allocate moisture from the body and maintain a comfortable temperature. Thermal underwear is of varying degrees of insulation - from -30 to +15 degrees. In a lightweight version it «working» Only on maintaining dryness, and the models for frost not only get moisture, but also warm. And dry legs support thermo-socks that also have a different class of insulation. Models for harsh winter have thickening on «fingers» and «heel», And the middle of the foot is facilitated so that the feet do not lose mobility.

Chemical heights

If the child complains about pain in the ear, throat or begins to shrimp the nose, parents try to warm the colder first. In the old manner, they use rubber heating and sand pads that need to warm up in a skillet. The minus the first is that they are bulky and quickly cool, and the second requires the presence of a plate and time. Modern heating tools do not require anything - they begin to work immediately as soon as they needed! These heights look like transparent pads filled with gel. Inside such a container there is a small capsule – It is enough to squeeze it through the shell stronger, as a chemical reaction with high heat release begins in the heating floor. Temperature keeps around half an hour! The heights are produced in the form of animals and toys so that the child is pleased to keep them in their hands.


Progress achievements - for the health of the childYou can protect against colds not only outside, but from the inside, using the latest achievements of civilization. Modern Pharmacology offers a wide range of means affecting the body's immune system directly. Of course, not all means can be used in childhood and be used in preventive purposes, since the immune balance may be loosened by gross intervention. Preventive tool should affect carefully, supporting immunity in a working condition, but not forcing it to work at the limit of opportunity. The latter can lead to immune depletion (which is very closely in the cold period).

Children can recommend Anaferon Children. The medicine is suitable for preventing viral infections, and for their treatment. The principle of the anatorhone children's work is based on developing in the body of its own interferon, and this is the real natural protection of the body. The advantage of the drug is that, if necessary, the prophylactic reception period can be extended to 3 months, which is sometimes prescribed to weakened and often sick children.

Start listed preventive measures better now - in September, when the child is just starting attending a children's team. This will increase resistance to colds even before they begin.

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