What - paraphimosis


  • What - paraphimosis
  • Treatment of paraphimosis

  • What - paraphimosis

    Paraphimosis - it's infringement of the glans penisnarrow foreskin, the foreskin is narrowed with the effort moves over the glans penis and leads to compression of its circular. Appears severe pain, difficult urination and increases swelling of the glans penis and foreskin, the head is increased to the extent that more blood circulation to a greater extent.

    There is a vicious cycle: compression increases the swelling and edema, in turn, increases the compression.

    If time does not bring back the foreskin in place, long-term infringement may develop necrosis infringes rings and partially glans.

    Treatment of paraphimosis

    What - paraphimosisTreatment of paraphimosis can be a bloodless, soand operational. Bloodless method is to manually reposition the glans penis in prejudicing the ring. To this end, the glans lubricated with petroleum jelly member, index and middle finger of both hands tightly cover the penis below infringes ring. At the same time the thumb trying to promote penis in infringing ring while pulling on her foreskin.

    If this manipulation is not successful, it is necessary to cut the infringing ring and push the foreskin over the glans penis.

    If the cause of the infringement associated with phimosis, then the purpose of prevention of repeated infringements justified operation - circumcision (circumcision).

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