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  • risk group

    According to various reports, mastopathy affects 20 to 60%
    all women. Most often it is young people are concerned. The peak incidence
    accounted for 20-30 years. The reason is quite simple - the emergence
    mastitis is due to hormonal imbalance.

    He is often
    combined with various gynecological complications - cysts
    ovaries, menstrual disorder, or myoma disease of the breastinfertility.
    Therefore, breast problems are often detected by gynecologists. Placing
    their diagnosis, they look for other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. AND
    very often these searches lead to mastitis detection.

    Mastopatia - a violation of the breast structure. It grows connective tissue and cysts appear.

    Symptoms of mastitis

    Suffice typical Clinic - Breast nagrubaet and sore before menses.
    in some cases, a woman does not even know what suffering mastopathy: that
    It does not manifest itself. A detected by chance, and then tactics
    Most doctors - waiting.

    That is, doctors recommend to their
    Patients regular examination, which should be spent on less
    once a year. If these preventive examinations do not show
    further development of the illness, and nothing to worry about.

    If the mastitis symptoms are strong - chest pain before each menstruation, it groped seal, it should be treated.


    each case they own. The therapy is chosen individually.
    Sometimes assigned intake of vitamins A and E, are sometimes prescribed
    certain nutraceuticals.

    But most treatments
    aimed at the normalization of hormonal levels. This is achieved
    using contraceptive pills containing well-defined
    the amount of hormones. They have a beneficial influence on the course of some
    gynecological diseases and eliminate the cause of mastitis. Her
    symptoms may disappear or diminish within 2-3 months after
    I start taking contraceptives. If it does not, then the doctor should
    think about changing the drug - it is likely the ratio of hormones
    was chosen is not quite true.

    When mastitis is very important diet.
    It has been proven that in the course of the disease adversely affects
    consumption of coffee, cola and cocoa. These drinks have as little as possible
    women appear in the diet. But some well-known products,
    on the contrary, it is able to protect almost all diseases of dairy
    glands, particularly mastitis.

    Similarly, the action has cabbage. It contains indoles - substances which have a beneficial effect on the hormonal background of women.

    Another very good to eat more soy products - tofu, soy flour, soy milk or soy meat.

    important. Mastopatia - a benign tumor. But sometimes it can
    degenerate into malignant. Given this danger, the woman
    be sure to conduct breast self-examination. Do
    it should be every month for 5-7 day menstrual cycle.

    How to palpate the breast?

    - That is the feeling - is carried out with fingertips. The left gland
    it is necessary to palpate the right hand and the right hardware - left.

    breast should be divided into four parts, mentally
    conducted through the center of the nipple two perpendicular to each other line.
    Particular attention should be paid to verhnenaruzhnogo quadrant, which
    located closest to the axilla.

    Palpation should start
    it is with him and move clockwise, first fingering outdoor
    half of the breast, and then the inside. The first wire surface
    palpation, then the pressure is amplified and goes deeper study
    layers. When the fingers have to do circular motion, or sort out
    - Strongly it is not necessary to press on the chest.

    To conduct this procedure
    it is necessary to carefully, slowly, methodically probing every part. Then
    women will be a great opportunity to assess the state of the mammary glands.

    change compared with the previous self-examination - a reason for
    treatment to the doctor. If the picture does not change, that's all right. Not
    We need any extraordinary visits mammalogy. Enough planning

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