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  • Why it is so important to notice all over time
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  • Why it is so important to notice all over time

    We treat amblyopia cartoonsAbout 90% of information a person receives with vision. For a child, this is especially important - after all, he just came to this world, where everything is so new and unusual. What kid will see him? Clear and shining or blurry and foggy? Give the child all the riot of paints of the surrounding reality - your holy duty.

    You are lucky if you have no vision problems. But, unfortunately, this does not guarantee that your child's eyesight will be one hundred percent. After all, the kid inherits a complex set of genes from all relatives who could never meet in life, and therefore, they do not know anything about the state of their health. That is why it is very important to hold a regular test of the baby in the competent oculist from the ever.

    Many severe diseases identified at an early stage, including amblyopia, can be treated significantly easier under the age of 3 years. And the handsome son or daughter never remember the eye diseases transferred in childhood. Whereas some diseases become almost incurable and very much to complicate life.

    What symptoms should alert you

    Unfortunately, we can not always track the moment when the moment happens in the work. To be calm for the health of your child, it is not enough to rely on the planned inspections of children who are held in kindergartens and schools. The stream method of surveying a huge number of kids in a short time without the use of modern equipment very often leads to erroneous diagnosis. And then the loss of precious time can cause partial loss of vision at the kid, who was not in a timely manner. After all, a child who has congenital vision problems will never complain that he sees bad. He does not know what you can look at the world «Other eyes».

    This is what visible symptoms you should pay attention to:

    • The baby does not fully open one eye
    • To look at you, he turns his head, and does not move through his eyes
    • The child blinks slowly before take the desired subject
    • In the kid, the wrong posture
    • While reading the child misses the words and quickly tired
    In the warm season, even the tan can indicate you for possible problems with the vision of the child. Usually, when one eye is weaker than the other, the kid subconsciously substitute the face to the sun from a weak side and it naturally sunbathes.

    Visiting Okulista

    If in the maternity hospital, where the eyes of the newborn be checked, the baby has no pathologies, the first full inspection is better to spend in 1 month. The doctor will already be able to assess the state of the eyelids, the lacrimal, the conjunctivities of the eyelids and the eyeball. The next visit to the ophthalmologist should be carried out at 5-6 months. By this time you can already identify the acquired problems - myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc. D. Then, if there are no trouble with vision, visit the doctors can be possible once a year.
    Today, the diagnosis of eye disease does not require local anesthesia, it is carried out contactless, with high accuracy. The survey will take no more than two hours, but then you will know exactly what to do: either breathe calmly or start fighting. If the baby has identified certain problems with vision, in your power to help him overcome these temporary difficulties. After all, there are a lot of new, completely painless therapeutic techniques. It can be ultrasound therapy, laser stimulation, vacuum massage, magnetotherapy, electrostimulation. The treatment method will choose a doctor after accurate determination of the diagnosis and its nature. So, myopia and squint - ailments acquired. And farewell and amblyopia - most often congenital diseases.

    Memabilia cure cartoons

    We treat amblyopia cartoonsAmblyopia is a state of view when one eye is not involved in work. Two eyes see completely different, the brain cannot combine two images into one, and as a result it does not use one half.

    With this state, it is very important to activate «lazy» eye. Otherwise it is just atrophied. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to treat amblyopia as soon as possible. In addition, the treatment of this disease may be not only effective, but also very pleasant. The greatest joy for kids is a complex «Amquirocor», which is based on computer autotraining method. Yes, and what could be more interesting for children than to watch cartoons! «This is the treatment! - Exclaim you. - It is harmful! Especially for the eyes!» And you will be absolutely wrong.

    After all, it is not just cartoons. This device with the help of special sensors relieves the child's vision information. At the same time, the kid sees the image on the screen only when it looks «right», Otherwise, the picture ceases to be a clear. Unfortunately, not all this treatment can help. This method of treating amblyopia can only be recommended by your attending physician.

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