Why breast hurts


Why breast hurts
Complaints of chest pain are common among girls
and women under the age of menopause. Pain may occur in one or
both breasts, be permanent or paroxysmal in nature. If
you are concerned about pain in the chest area, consult
mammologist or gynecologist. The main cause of chest pain in women
They are:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • pregnancy;
  • menses;
  • mechanical damage to the breast;
  • breast of infection;
  • oncological breast disease;
  • excessive ultraviolet radiation;
  • excess weight;
  • Mismatched underwear.

The most common cause of pain
Breast is a hormonal failure (insufficient progesterone and iodine,
eg). Hormonal imbalance is typical during pregnancy and
breastfeeding, premenopause, premenstrual syndrome and
the use of contraceptives.

The feeling of pain in the chest may indicate
benign dysplasia and breast inflammation, mastitis,
breast hypertrophy and uncertain formations. If, in addition to pain in the chest,
observed bleeding from the nipple and change its shape, seal
or deepening of skin over the tumor, and swollen lymph nodes (axillary, sub
and supraclavicular), then we can talk about breast cancer.

sore breasts before, during and after menstruation

Why breast hurts
Since menses associated hormonal changes,
so the pain on the basis of monthly - rate. Before ovulation occurs
proliferation: proliferation of the epithelium in the ducts and lobules of the breast and
strengthening the blood supply to the breast. As a result, breast swells and increases in
volume, which is one of the causes of pain and discomfort. Growth
glandular tissue with the same effects observed during menstruation.
At the end of this period, disappears, and pain. Accepted
that the discomfort is normal, if there is a week before menses.
It is important that such pain are not sharp and relatively easy to carry. at
The emergence of strong or prolonged pain is necessary to address to the gynecologist
or mammologist: this may be a manifestation of serious disease.

Mastalgia after menstruation is not the norm,
so it is advisable to consult a specialist (mammologist, gynecologist, oncologist,
endocrinologist). In such cases, discomfort in the chest may be
related to the large accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the mammary glands, hormonal
disorders, early pregnancy, the fatty acid balance disorder
the development of mastitis and cancer.

in the breast during pregnancy

Chest pain - one of the first signs
pregnancy. This is due to the work of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin
person), which resulted in the breast begin to grow and cause
discomfort. The feeling of pain is individual and can be of varying intensity. AT
pregnancy discomfort in the chest is the norm, so
will have to wait.

To reduce the breast tenderness during
pregnancy, you need to correctly select the underwear: bras worn exclusively
made of natural fabrics, with wide shoulder straps and pitted. There is a specially
developed a set of physical exercises for the muscles of the chest, as well as procedures
(Wiping and air baths), to improve lymph drainage and
eliminate discomfort. If the pain is only intensified, it is necessary
contact your gynecologist or mammologist to clarify the situation.

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