Five myths about myocardial


The first myth. Having sex after myocardial very dangerous.

have shown that the probability that an intimate relationship can lead to
heart attack, is really small. Doctors usually recommend to renew
sex in a month and a half after an illness. This is the medium term. Not
Feel free to explore the matter with your doctor.

The second myth. Quit smoking immediately after a heart attack is bad.

say, if you smoke - drop, if not smoke - do not start.
Method as - gradually or immediately, individually or in groups - is not important
and it depends on personal preference.

A heart attack is a kind
"Shock therapy", shake, after which it is easier to quit smoking, so
how much memory of stressful experiences.

mortality among those who quit smoking after a heart attack, 60% lower
compared with those who could not give up the habit.

The third myth. After the first heart attack is sure to be the second.

patients after a heart attack, returned to normal. 50%
cases after infarction on ECG is not observed any change.

an active, fulfilling life is not only possible, but really! If,
Of course, a "normal life" is not intended to pack
cigarettes a day and Shmatok fat overnight.

Myth Four. Physical activity should be stopped.

actually exercise lowers the risk of
cardiovascular diseases and reinfarction. conversely,
sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor.

The fifth myth. Small focal myocardial infarction easier than macrofocal.

myocardial milder than macrofocal because the area
less heart disease. However, due to the "incompleteness" of the
the likelihood of a heart attack repeated attacks is greater than the macrofocal.

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