Prevention of ischemic heart disease


  • Who needs prevention?
  • Fighting smoking
  • Physical activity
  • Proper nutrition
  • Stress

  • Who needs prevention?

    Prevention of ischemic heart disease, especially its forms such as angina or myocardial infarction, is important, of course, for all. However, cardiologist specialists allocate a certain risk group, for the representatives of which following the Rules for the prevention of IBS is a vital necessity.

    Prevention of ischemic heart diseaseIt is, firstly, about patients with IBS or other forms of atherosclerosis. Compectedly held measures for the prevention of the development of IBS help such people avoid complications, often heavy or even the deadly, which we talked about.

    Secondly, the risk group includes healthy people with high risk of developing IHD due to the presence of one or, more often, several risk factors. Recall these factors: increased pressure, elevated cholesterol level, increased blood sugar, smoking, excess body weight, sedentary lifestyle.

    Separately, it should be said about the need to prevent IBS in relation to people who are close relatives of which are cornfilled by IBS or other forms of atherosclerosis or relate to the group of high risk of developing IBS.

    So, the main moments of the prevention of IBS – This increases physical activity, tobacco refusal, transition to a healthy nutrition system and improve emotional background. In addition, of course, regular preventive visits to the cardiologist and timely treatment of diseases that can provoke the development of IBS (first of all, it is hypertensive disease, diabetes and various forms of atherosclerosis).

    Fighting smoking

    Learn more in more detail at each point. As for the fight against smoking, it must be said that the so-called «Passive» Smoking is almost as harmful for the cardiovascular system, as well as active. About how to quit smoking, the whole volume of literature is written, and we will not stop on the techniques. It is only worth recalling that any technique can only work in the case of a volitional decision of the person himself to free his body from nicotine. There are quite a few cases when smokers with many years of experience threw smoking times and forever after the words of a doctor that in their state each cigarette could be the last. And really you need to wait for such a conclusion?

    Physical activity

    Increased physical activity is especially necessary to citizens who, by definition, the lack of movement is very significant. Cardiologists recommend classes of physical education for five days per week at least half an hour. It is important that these classes give pleasure, it is important to experience that feeling that.Pavlov called «Muscular joy». Physical activity is important for better portable loads, and to improve the work of the heart muscle, and to normalize body weight. I have recently and we have a fashion for sports halls with cardiotrymen, on classes under the guidance of an experienced instructor, should be favorable to reduce the incidence of IBS. In addition to the simulators for the prevention of IBS, such perfectly democratic physical activity as swimming, running and walking.

    Proper nutrition

    Regarding the right nutrition in recent years, a lot of copies have been broken, but certain conclusions are still made. It is not at all for the sake of the fight against excess weight, there is nothing, but to strengthen the vessels to switch on strict vegetarianism. But indeed, caloric content should depend on physical exertion: Can the body be able while working «burn» Calories, or they will go into fatty fabric. To prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques in the arteries, it is necessary to reduce the use of animal fats: to use lean grades of meat, prepare only on vegetable oil, fried food to prefer boiled, stew, baked. Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. With elevated pressure, limit yourself in coffee, strong tea and, of course, in alcohol. Avoid salted food. All this will not affect the variety and taste of food, but will save from many problems.


    Prevention of ischemic heart diseaseVery often, the IHD launcher is the mechanism of neuropsychic. Therefore, a favorable, friendly emotional background – Exceptionally powerful means of prevention of IBS. This also applies to relations in the family, and emotions that a person is experiencing at work. Enjoy what is and not angry because there is no – It would seem, so simple, and meanwhile, for many of us, the pursuit of chimeras is characterized, often to the detriment of their own happiness and health. Happy people rarely sick in general and almost never – Cardiovascular diseases.

    In European countries, as well as in the United States in recent years, a fairly significant decrease in the level of development of the IBS among the population has been noted. And it is explained not only and not even so much new achievements of cardiology, but also by the state policy against coronary heart disease. It is clear that the better the person is aware of the danger, the more effort it makes it to avoid this danger. In the West, very active educational work is conducted, and the prevention programs of cardiovascular diseases are accepted at the state level.

    Unfortunately, we have in Russia «Salvation drowning – The work of the hands of immersing». Therefore, for our country, educational work is particularly important for our country, and with people of all ages, starting with school bench. Common work should be carried out to combat smoking and alcohol abuse, to introduce the principles of proper nutrition, physical activity and preventive medical examination. In the meantime of such work «above» practically not conducted, the person must take measures to preserve his health on his own, for which at least you need «know the enemy» and understand how to deal with him. And the fact that it is necessary for everyone, because almost all of us in one way or another enter the risk group, it is probably not necessary to explain.

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