Tablets pressure


Tablets pressure
Blood Pressure indicators characterize
the circulatory system and the state of the whole organism. Norm values
Blood pressure is individual and depends on the
age, lifestyle, health, and personal characteristics. Average
figures in adults (40 years) make up 120 (130) / 70 (80) mm
Hg There are concepts of hypertension (high blood pressure) and
hypotension (low blood pressure). To include people with high blood pressure blood
pressure greater than an average of 140/90 mmHg Hypotensive patients - people with
blood pressure readings of less than 110/70 mm Hg

For the diagnosis and treatment of problem pressure better
consult a cardiologist and a neurologist. For starters, you can consult
from his therapist.

Preparations from high blood pressure

Hypertension is widespread and
It requires careful monitoring specialists (therapist, cardiologist). treating
doctor selects remedies based on your individual
characteristics. The best thing in the treatment of hypertensive states have shown themselves
The following groups of drugs:

  1. Diuretics
    - Diuretics, which reduce blood pressure by removing
    chemical substances from the body and excess liquid. To quickly diuretics
    Actions include furosemide (Lasix), a mild diuretic considered
    hydrochlorothiazide, and a representative of the long-acting diuretic
    It is indapamide (Indap, arifon).
  2. Tablets pressureBAB
    - Beta-blockers reduce blood pressure by reducing the heart rate
    cuts, and strain on the heart due to vasodilation. reception
    Beta-blockers are often combined with the use of diuretics and
    calcium channel blockers. in the long-term treatment include medication well
    They have shown themselves tselipropol, metopropol and bisopropol. For the treatment of people with diabetes
    Diabetes used beta-blockers with vasodilating effect and
    the least negative metabolic effect - carvedilol and nebivolol.
  3. blockers
    calcium channel is well demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of arterial
    in complex with hypertension and angina, heart rhythm disturbances. Successful preparations
    this group: amlodipine, verapamil, diltiazem (the last action begins
    a little later than previous products).
  4. ARB
    - Angiotensin II receptor blockers, blood pressure control in
    during the day. Among this group of drugs can be identified valsartran,
    eprosartan and lozartran.
  5. Facilities
    ambulance - hood and Corinfar.

To treat hypertension in pregnancy
should exceptionally qualified cardiologist. Dangerously high pressure in
during pregnancy and the fetus and the mother. Many drugs are contraindicated
to receive. In such cases, the best choice is methyldopa means, but
its use should be monitored by a gynecologist.

Funds for high blood pressure

Hypotension reduces mental and
physical performance and degrades the overall quality of life. A good choice
for the treatment of hypertensive states are:

  1. Vegetable
    adaptogens, the effect of which is aimed at stimulating the central nervous system, cardiovascular
    system, eliminating the constant fatigue and drowsiness - an extract of Eleutherococcus,
    Tincture Schisandra, Pantocrinum, Saparal.
  2. at
    the presence of orthostatic disorders, hypertensive crises and syncope successfully
    used alpha-agonists - milodrin, mephentermine, mezaton
  3. Stimulants
    central nervous system: indirect agonists, mixed action and
    analeptics acting on the respiratory level, and vasomotor centers
    spinal cord. These include caffeine, benzoate atrium, etilefirin, simptol,
    akrinor and securinine, for example.
  4. Anticholinergic
    tools like Bellataminalum and Bellaspon.

Remember the advice about the need to have
neurologist, cardiologist and general practitioner and the danger of inappropriate and

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