7 reasons to consult an eye specialist


7 reasons to consult an eye specialistImagine for a moment that we lost thiswondrous gift is the ability to see the bright colors of nature, the family faces and funny pictures of the surrounding world. The feeling of fear of losing the full vision and possible blindness - serious motivation to regularly visit an ophthalmologist.

It is clear that both of our eyes serve the same purpose -ensure quality of one hundred percent. Binocular vision is a complex process, when there is a fusion of images obtained from both eyes. According to statistics, reduced visual acuity in one eye catches the patient is not immediately, and dangerous symptoms may go unnoticed for many years.

That is why the search for a particular cause forhike to the ophthalmologist not worth it. This should be a prerequisite for ensuring a quality of life, especially for those who are over forty. Quality control of the famous Table III-B - a procedure familiar to everyone since childhood. In addition, the intraocular pressure is measured. Such simple research will help at an early stage to determine visual acuity, the degree of the violation and give the necessary preventive recommendations.

Let's try to systematize causes dangerous symptoms and reasons to visit an ophthalmologist.

Reason number 1

Dryness, redness and excessive eye fatigue -anxiety and a concern for many, especially for residents of large cities, whose work is related to long-term work on the computer or close professional supervision of the devices. An important role in the development of such complaints given to ecological imbalance.

It is known that more than 80% of the information weWe perceive by means of the eye. Almost all of the modern day a person spends in a tense mode: either the computer or buried in a stack of papers. When he came home, he did not hesitate to immediately turns on the TV in the pursuit of the latest news, and "battle is going again."

For the same reason, "depending" on the screenTV or computer monitor with almost no fresh air and walks and children find themselves today. Craving and attachment to gadgets - and characteristic feature of our time, so this is one of the most important reasons for a visit to the eye doctor.

Reason number 2

Seasonal dry, watery and red eyescan cause loss of vision. We should not think that the dryness of the eye, excessive tearfulness, swelling and redness century - it is only a momentary impact the environment. If the problem is not removed, although there is no strong wind, frost or strong sun, and it seemed to you that the reason is the case, then it's time for consultation, and perhaps for the treatment of an eye doctor or allergist. Do not hope for another beautiful advertising tool that is so tempting is pouring from the TV screen. Proper prescription drugs in conjunction with special exercises can help protect your eyes.

Reason number 3

How often, short-term pain in the eyes, and the veil,when everything around is seen as if through water, we write off the fatigue. Flashing "star" or "fly" is not just flying in front of his eyes. I think it's just fatigue, and short-term vacation or holiday will bring relief, but no. Such a state is repeated again and again, then it's time to go to the doctor immediately. It is not excluded, that optometrist will refer you to a neurologist, because that may show symptoms of other diseases not related to the eyes. The deterioration of the blood supply to the eye, or a certain area of ​​the brain, substance abuse, affecting blood flow, vascular pathology of the retina, corneal dystrophy can also be the root cause of such complaints.

Reason number 4

Ophthalmic related pathologiesabnormal refraction, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism - this is a serious reason not only for a single visit to the eye doctor, but for regular visits to a specialist. Contributing factors - lack of vitamins and minerals, bacterial or viral eye diseases, genetic predisposition.

The main task of the doctor is to assess the dynamics of the pathological process and the selection of appropriate corrective glasses or lenses.

Reason number 5

7 reasons to consult an eye specialistThe feeling of losing a full view, narrowing the angleof view, a different definition of the eyes, the feeling of the film on the eye - these are signs of cataracts. With age, the symptoms only intensified, and should not assume that it will pass by itself. If these symptoms do not leave for some time, you should consult your doctor immediately. Once the operation is no cure, help for the treatment of cataracts.

Today ophthalmology - a highly developed industrymedicine, and you can get professional help of the expert in modern ophthalmologic center. Cataract surgery is quite a simple procedure which can be used to achieve 100% recovery of by removing the cloudy lens and implantation of a new artificial.

Reason number 6

Constant pain in the eyes should be alertpatient. This can be dangerous and insidious symptom of glaucoma. The disease is characterized by increased intraocular pressure and the development of optic nerve damage with loss of the main functions of the eye, including blindness. Only a specialist, measuring intraocular pressure, able to make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Self-medication in this case, is just as dangerous as in other attempts to self-restore or improve vision.

Reason number 7

The latter feature can be detected by treatingphotos when you happen to see the white patches on the eye. The appearance of such a "photographic" symptom indicates that the body of a sad sends a signal about trouble. It may appear cataract, leykokoriya, toxocariasis, retinoblastoma retina. All this is cause for immediate specialist advice.

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