Deciphering Pap tests for men


Explanation smear analysis in men

Deciphering Pap tests for men

A smear from the urethra in men is taken most often in urethritis of various origins. It:

  • nonspecific urethritis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • chlamydia;
  • candidiasis;
  • syphilis.

to taking the material requirements:

  • smoking patient urinating for four hours before analysis, wash genitals;
  • three days before the collection of material stops all local antimicrobial treatments in the genital area;
  • two weeks before taking urogenital smear should stop taking antibiotics.

Deciphering Pap

The smear is examined under the microscope, after staining material Gram. The following index is determined by decoding the analysis.

White blood cells
. The normal amount - up to 5 p / h (fieldview). Excess indicates the presence of urethritis. This important part of white blood cells: neutrophil predominance of evidence of acute inflammation or exacerbation of chronic; predominance of eosinophils - urethritis of allergic nature.

. Its cells covering the inside of the urethra, OKcan be detected in a smear. Average number - 5-10. The increase in this figure with a small content of leukocytes suggests urethral leukoplakia or desquamative urethritis (with epithelial changes).

. In the absence of pathology it no smear. Increasing the amount - a sign of infection in the urethra.

. Microorganisms normally represented by singlecocci or rods. The appearance of a smear gonorrhea, trichomonas, chlamydia, syphilis pathogen Candida or indicates the presence of infection in the urethra.

To send a patient for analysis can urologist or dermatologist.

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