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    Painful tinnitusAs there are these annoying noises in the ears, it is clearnot yet full. It is assumed, for example, that they arise from the damage sensitive hair follicles of the inner ear, which transform sound waves into electrical impulses.

    The brain plays an important role in the emergence oftinnitus symptoms. Usually it filters out the sounds that are not so important for us: the clock ticking and rattling refrigerator. If you have symptoms of tinnitus is a breach of the filter function. In the same way the noises that are formed without the external stimulus to the auditory system itself and which do not have to have any important information suddenly become audible and perceptible.

    The symptoms of tinnitus can provoke the mostdifferent reasons. Those who love to spend long and loud nights in discos, includes a complete audio player on the power starts on New Year's rocket, without adequate protection antishumnoy work with pneumatic hammer, must reckon with the fact that it damages the delicate hairs in the inner ear.

    Doctors also believe that the cause of tinnitusIt may be poor circulation, which affects the supply of oxygen to the brain cells. Among the less common causes of ringing and tinnitus can distinguish various infections, poisoning, skull trauma, metabolic disorders, changes in the cervical vertebrae, jaw violation of the provisions. Not the last role played by stress and psychological overload. Often, for the doctor determine the cause of this disease is converted into a real puzzle.

    A lot depends on how quickly treatment is started tinnitus. If in the early days of the chance of cure is 90%, then this figure starts to decrease.


    Painful tinnitusWhen intrusive tinnitus appears and does not disappear, it is necessary, at the latest one day turn to Laura. He will need a thorough examination.

    The acute form of the disease is treated, as a rule,injections, which reduce blood viscosity and have a vasodilatory effect. therapy outpatient often. For patients with acute damage to the inner ear hearing loss may be useful so-called intensive oxygen therapy. At the same time the patient inhales in a special pressure chamber pure oxygen, which is to re-activate the hair bulbs.

    If the noise is still moving in the ear in the chronicstage, the chances of finally get rid of them are small. But do not despair, because in many cases suffering from this disease is possible to get used to at first perceived painfully background.

    Some patients under the influence of the constant noiseIt is in a very strong tension. Psychological stress can cause poor concentration and sleep, hypersensitivity to loud sounds, or depression.

    If tinnitus is passed into the chronic stage, thethe goal of therapy is changing dramatically: in the foreground there is the improvement of patient's quality of life and reduce the impact of constant noise. In the end, the patient has to get used to the noise and do not perceive them as threatening, or more painful. Useful here often these relaxation techniques like autogenous training and psychotherapy.

    In recent years, increased attention centerIt turned out to be the so-called retrening: inform patients about the relationship of phenomena associated with the disease, and they are trained not to pay attention to the internal noise in the ears, but above all to concentrate on the sounds of the surrounding world. Often unable to thus reduce the intensity of tormenting noise or even completely eliminate their conscious perception.

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