And you knew that the pain in the throat is different?


Did you know that the pain in the throat is different?The pain in the throat always arises not in time, and the usual life immediately changes. Due to allocations and discomfort it is impossible to make an important call; The usual conversation with colleagues turns into a whole test, and sometimes the throat hurts so that any sip causes unbearable pain.

Why feelings in sore throat are so different? The answer is obvious: the unpleasant sensations are caused by various reasons. Smoking, cold air and even the conversation on elevated tones irritate the mucous membrane, change its physiological properties as a result — Overflow and instill. And irritated mucosa — Easy mining for infection.

This is especially dangerous in the autumn-spring period. At this time, the air temperature is often changing, which creates a favorable atmosphere for the development of microorganisms. The main reason for sore throat — Defeat by mucous bacteria and viruses. Pathogens cause a local inflammatory response, and it is already serious. This is not only an allocation, but often a strong pain. Moreover, inflammation in the upper respiratory departments is fraught with the further spread of infection by the body. Therefore, it is important not only to eliminate painful symptoms, but also the reason for these symptoms — viral or bacterial infection.

In any case, what would be the causes of pain, it is necessary tool that effectively «working» in each case. Brand Septolete Slovenian pharmaceutical company «KRKA» invites the line of preparations from throat pain for different needs. Make the right choice just — When developing drugs from the company's specialists «KRKA» Established all possible situations.

Moderate throat pain, small allocation and malfunction — For the aid will come Septolete with menthol and eucalyptus, Septol D sugarless and septol neo With various tastes (sweet cherry, apple, lemon). And if a strong pain when it hurts — Septolet Plus.

The powerful antiseptic of benzalconium and cetylperidine chloride, which is part of the septol, effectively suppress the growth of microbes and prevents the development of a possible inflammatory process. Wide spectrum of antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity Septolete Helps to be effective at all stages of the disease.

Part Septol with menthol and eucalyptus Menthol, sprup and eucalyptus mint essential oils. Menthol and Mint Essential Oils «Soothe» irritated mucous membrane, relieve nasal. Eucalyptus oil soft «Envelop» throat, shoots swelling. Under the action of antiseptics and natural components, the pain in the throat retreats.

Specifically for people suffering from diabetes developed Septol D sugarless.

If the pain in the throat is strong so much that it is impossible to swallow, relief will bring Septolet Plus. Septolet Plus not only suppresses the growth of pathogens, but also quickly and continuously stops strong pain. Thanks to the content of the anesthetic of benzocaine, the sepollet plus begins to act in a minute and acts within 2–3 hours.

Working out formulas of drugs, Septolete Care for children: line of funds Septolete safe in application, which prove clinical studies *. Children from 4 years can take with a bough in the throat Septol, septol d, septol neo, And children from 6 years old Septolet Plus. Children especially like fruit tastes Septol Neo: Apple, Lemon or Cherry.

It is also important to note that the septol plus and the septol neo the only drugs recommended for the use of the Russian society of otorinolaryngologists.

Thus, the septol helps to choose the remedy necessary in each situation under individual needs.

There are contraindications. NECESSARY
Consult with a specialist.

* Monitoring of efficiency and safety in the treatment of the infection of the upper respiratory tract with the assistance of the septol with lemon flavors, apple, cherries. Ukraine, 2008, Kazakovsky A.L.

Did you know that the pain in the throat is different?

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