Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Tubobotitis (Evstachitis)


Torobotitis, Eusthaitis, Salpingootite, Tubotypanitis — These are different names of the same process — Inflammation of the middle ear caused by a violation of the hearing function (Eustachiyeva) pipe. Many of us hurt them, but few guessed about it. What is it that is called, as manifests and treated, you will learn from this article.

Causes of Tybobytita

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Tubobotitis (Evstachitis)The hearing tube connects the drum cavity with the naked. Due to this, the drum cavity is drained and ventilated. And the secret to be secreted by the Eustachius pipe contains antimicrobial components.

A variety of factors causing a violation of Eustachius pipes, provoke tygetitis. These include:

  • Distribution of inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract (infectious and non-infectious origin) to the hearing pipe. Such a phenomenon can be observed with flu. Tiveotitis in children can accompany many acute infections;
  • Tamponade of the nose;
  • adenoids;
  • curvature of the nasal partition;
  • Tumors of nasopharynx;
  • Sharp change pressure when set of height or immersion under water.

Symptoms of Tobobotita

When ventilation is broken in the drum cavity, the air in it begins to be absorbed through the mucous membrane. The new portion of the air does not come, because the passability of the hearing pipe is broken, which leads to a decrease in the pressure in the cavity. Due to the fact that the pressure in it becomes below atmospheric, the drum partition is delayed inside. And the microorganisms come here cause inflammation. Here are these two processes and explain the symptoms of Eustachiotic:

  • a sense of occurrence of an ear that can disappear when swallowing;
  • minor hearing deterioration;
  • A feeling of resoning your own voice in the ear;
  • pain.

Treatment of Torobobotita

Treatment of TorobobotitaFirst of all, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that violate the permeability of the hearing pipe. And here the tactics of treatment depends on the root causes. Also the patient is prescribed to reduce the edema of the mucous membrane in the nose, narrowing vessels (naphtizin, nasivin). They are buried in several elevated doses to the same name with the sick ear, and then dramatically throw off her head and tilt it in the problem side.

For the same purpose, antihistamines (Loratadine, Supratine) are used for the treatment of Eustachi. To prevent the back of a nasal mucus with an infection in an hearing pipe, it is necessary to mix the root carefully and alternately: first clean one nostril, and then the second.

In addition to medicines, the doctor may recommend to pass the patient a course of physiotherapy (UFO and the UHF of the nose, the laser therapy of the inner opening of the hearing pipe, the pneumatic massage of the drum partition).

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