Laryngitis, treatment


Laryngitis (laryngitis, Greek. Larynx,
laryngos larynx + -itis) - inflammation of the larynx. There are acute and
chronic laryngitis. Most of all, he is one of the symptoms of SARS,
influenza, scarlet fever, whooping cough.

What are the symptoms of laryngitis

Laryngitis, treatment
laryngitis ligaments lose their ability to vibrate, voice
man becomes hoarse or lost completely. Breathing becomes
difficult and painful and there is a hissing "barking" cough.
Blockage of the airways can sometimes be very serious, especially
children in these cases say about the so-called false croup. He can
occur as an independent disease - overvoltage
voice, inhalation of dusty air, irritating fumes and gases,
smoking, abuse of alcohol. In acute laryngitis
laryngeal mucosa hyperemic and edematous, marked
thickening and incomplete closure of the vocal cords (vocal folds). at
Flu can be seen bleeding in the mucous membrane of the larynx
(Hemorrhagic laryngitis).

The inflammatory process can
cover the whole of the mucous membrane of the larynx, or some of its sections
(Isolated laryngitis). Patients complain of dry laryngitis,
sore throat, sometimes a pain when swallowing. Cough, initially dry, and
later accompanied by expectoration. The voice becomes
hoarse, rough or disappears. Acute laryngitis may occur with
headache, slight fever.
Its duration is typically less than 7-10 days. danger
is acute laryngitis subglottic (podskladochnogo)
space, accompanied by stenosis of the larynx. Some chemical
substance by inhalation can also cause inflammation of mucosa

In young children young children inflammation
can proceed so rapidly that swelling of the mucous membrane covers
Air access to the larynx (false croup). In these cases the breath:
breathing becomes noisy, the baby's crying, worried. In severe
cases, a lack of oxygen can cause a disorder of brain function
up to coma.

Of course, this condition requires immediate hospitalization in ENT or a pediatric hospital.

How is the treatment of laryngitis

It aims to eliminate the cause of the laryngitis. The patient was not
it is recommended to talk loudly, it is prohibited for 5-7 days
smoke, drink alcohol, should be excluded from the food sharp

The patient must take care of your voice, while not
talk and try to get the inhaled air was warm and humid;
generally recommended in this case, steam inhalation, which
It should be done for 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours. It should also be
be avoided in cold air or in a smoky room and
go out in the fog.

Assign a warm drink
(Milk, mineral water), rinse the throat decoction of chamomile or sage, warm
alkaline inhalations, bandages and hot compress on his neck, hot
foot baths. Applied antitussives and
physiotherapy (UHF, electrophoresis of novocaine on the area
larynx). In chronic hypertrophic laryngitis hyperplastic
mucosal sites sear 5.3% solution of silver nitrate or
removed surgically. In chronic atrophic laryngitis
use alkaline inhalations and oil, lubricate the larynx solution
Lugol glycerol. For better discharge of crusts appoint
proteolytic enzymes (himopsin, chymotrypsin etc.) in the form

The prognosis of acute laryngitis favorable; sometimes
a transition to chronic laryngitis. The outcome of chronic laryngitis
It depends on its shape. In hypertrophic and atrophic chronic
full recovery does not occur laryngitis. Prevention aims
to eliminate the causal factors.

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