Breathe nose - Live great!


  • Nose feels and reacts
  • nose clears
  • The nose warms and moisturizes

  • Breathe nose & ndash; Live healthy!
    Breath — the main source of life! It can be quite a long time
    without food and water, but do not lend even a few minutes without air.
    Human respiratory system — it is a large and complex structure in which the front
    each body put certain tasks, and our nose is not a decoration person he
    is responsible for the preparation and holding portions of air to the lungs.

    nose accommodates only 20 ml of air, but its importance can hardly be overestimated.
    Narrow and wide, flat and aquiline, large and neat little long
    and snub-nosed — All our noses
    adapted to determine the quality of inhaled air,
    warm, clean and humidify it. In case of violation of breathing through the nose with these tasks not
    can handle any other body. Under conscious breathing through the mouth, we
    We put the organism into a dead end, causing it to process «indigestible» air,
    thereby disrupting the work of all organs and systems.

    Nose feels and reacts

    The tissue covering the nasal cavity walls are thousands receptor
    cells, which studied the physical and chemical characteristics of the incoming
    air stream and cause respiratory reflex restructuring activities
    Systems. For example, if it is cold outside, the vessels dilate nasal mucosa and warm blood
    inhaled cold air warms. If the air, on the contrary, too hot, it will cool the human nose
    to the desired temperature so as not to burn occurred airway. Contaminated
    air causes sneezing, irritating chemical impurities, «intercepts»
    breath. That nose
    It compels us to escape from the room where the air soar unpleasant, threatening
    Health smells, and with lust breathing fragrance in the next coffee shop.

    The reflex effect on the mucous membrane with nasal respiration provides
    Normal calm sleep, adjusts the depth and frequency of breathing, heart
    activity. With difficulty
    breathing through the nose is developing oxygen starvation, worsening the general
    My health, daily drowsiness appears, memory decreases, the performance falls.
    There are cases where the diseases of the nose cause the menstrual disorders
    functions, gastric secretion, metabolic processes, immunity, cause
    eye diseases, liver, teeth, not to mention the organs of the respiratory system.
    Long cessation of breathing
    Through the nose in small children with excessive growth of adenoid tissue leads to pronounced health disorders, to deformation of the face of the skull,
    slowdown mental development, right up to mental retardation.

    Nose cleans

    Nose cavities — Barrier for dust, toxic substances and microbes,
    Brought to the body with a stream of inhaled air. Cilia mucous
    «Release» All squeezing on the mucous membrane, and remove it out when sneezing and cleaning the nose. Those «Agents»,
    which still got into the nasopharynk, swallow with nasal mucus or

    If the respiratory impairment violates through the nose, the oral cavity does not cope with air purification.
    At the same time, our body comes 660 times higher than malicious substances than
    Normal breathing. It has been established that defective breathing leads to
    «clogging» lungs and the body as a whole, contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and
    Premature aging. In children, constant breathing through the mouth becomes
    The reason for the underdevelopment of the thyroid gland, almonds, imminent impairment.

    Especially important breathing through the nose in the conditions of a polluted environment of cities, premises,
    With a large crowd of people, where there is an intensive reproduction of microbes,
    where the various kinds of infection quickly distribute.

    Nose warms and moisturizes

    Finally, the human nose is arranged so that for the short
    the time that air is in the nasal cavity, it is maximum given in
    Compliance with the requirements of the respiratory system. Certain temperature I
    The humidity entering into the underlying respiratory tract of the air prevents them
    mucous drying, introduction of infection, promotes normal exchange

    Do not ignore your nose! Breathe! In time
    Decide his problems! And be healthy!

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