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  • Causes of snoring
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  • How often we can not fall asleep or wake up
    middle of the night because the room filled with loud snoring,
    resembling the roar soaring "Boeing". No pat on the back
    spouse and kicks his feet do not give the desired effect.

    After several attempts to plug the "trumpets of Jericho", not
    It remains no alternative but to raise his arms in a blanket with a pillow and go
    in another room, because soon there will come a new day full of worries. This
    the picture is familiar almost every family. Spouses-snorers literally
    terrorizing its second half. And often it becomes a
    a problem that the suffering party does not stand the test of night
    "Concerts" and walks away. The family splits.

    Causes of snoring

    it seems that snoring - it is a sign of disrespect to the others, and especially
    suspicious confident that in this way the husband tries to annoy them. But
    in fact, snoring - a fault signal in the body, sometimes
    quite serious.

    What is snoring? That sounds
    arise in the larynx when a sleeping person relaxation sky muscles.
    The main reason for the loss of tone - age. Have you noticed that young people
    virtually no noise when sleeping? But over the years the muscles
    and loses its elasticity under the influence of the inhaled air
    vibrate, bringing roulades, like the pipes of the game, then the noise
    surf. The main thing is that they are very loud.

    In general, the causes of snoring are many. Here are the basics:

    • Snoring, snoring causespost-traumatic deviated septum;
    • adenoids in the nose;
    • elongated uvula;
    • enlarged tonsils.

    On snoring doomed as obese. They have, in principle, all devoid of muscle tone, including palatine.

    also fall into the category of "night-terrorists", because nicotine
    It irritates the larynx and inflames it. Swelling narrows wall
    pharynx and trachea, reducing tone. Hence, there is snoring. Alcohol, too,
    It relaxes the muscles, so "take on the breast" is snoring
    louder and longer than usual.

    However, the worst thing that can
    wait snorer - obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, that is, sudden
    sleep apnea. Probably many noticed how sleep snoring
    full Ivanovo, and then suddenly subsides. This is the stop
    breathing. In severe cases occur per night up to 500 of these stops.
    This leads to acute or chronic oxygen deficiency in the tissue,
    which significantly increases the risk of developing hypertension, arrhythmias
    heart, myocardial infarction and sudden death. Sleep apnea is not suffering
    refreshes, the person often wakes up wet with sweat, with a headache.
    Accurate diagnosis is possible only with a special
    expensive equipment, which in our medical centers
    Hardly ever.

    How to stop snoring

    What can we do to stop snoring? Selection means depends on the cause. For example, fat men necessarily need to lose weight.

    Because the
    people snore only laying on his back, then to train yourself to sleep on
    side, you can use this method: to sew pajamas between the shoulder blades
    pocket, which invest a tennis ball. When you try to go on
    you wake up in the back and on the side perelyazhete. Broken in the morning you
    guaranteed, but after 3-4 weeks develop into resistant conditional
    reflex not to sleep on your back.

    Lovers sleeping on low pillow in
    sleep language may sink too deeply and overlap breathing
    path. The best way to prevent snoring in this case - to raise the head
    bed 10 cm above the legs. High pillow will not help, because
    head is tilted down and snoring will increase. The best option -
    pillow-cushion, covers the neck.

    Some experts believe
    the best way to stop snoring - operation. It is low-traumatic and
    almost bloodless, but, unfortunately, in most cases ineffective.

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