Symptoms and treatment of underdevelopment of the pinna


  • The concept of the underdevelopment of the pinna
  • The symptoms of underdevelopment of the pinna
  • Treatment underdevelopment pinna

  • The concept of the underdevelopment of the pinna

    The most severe form of congenital deformation of the earShell is the underdevelopment of it until the complete absence. Often there is underdevelopment of the ear on one side and is connected with other malformations of the face, such as the underdevelopment of the lower jaw, cheek bones and soft tissues of the cheek, lateral cleft mouth - makrostoma. This condition is called hemifacial syndrome microsomes. Less ears underdevelopment arises from the 2 sides and is also associated with 2 sides symmetrical hypoplasia of the lower jaw, cheek bones and facial soft tissue that often occurs with Treacher Collins syndrome. Sometimes the underdevelopment of the pinna is an independent malformation not associated with other bodies. And sometimes there are other independent malformations such as defects of the kidneys, heart disease, brain defects, limb, etc.

    Underdevelopment of the ears is a very rare disease. For the majority of defects can not determine the cause. In some syndromes proved hereditary nature of the disease.

    The symptoms of underdevelopment of the pinna

    Underdevelopment of the pinna is usually manifested incontaining the cartilage lesion of the ear, and to a lesser extent affected lobe. It can manifest itself in the upper pole of torsion (rolled pinna), a sharp decrease in the size of the upper two-thirds of the ear, and in the almost complete absence of the ear cartilage skeleton. At the underdevelopment of the ear usually in varying degrees of impaired development of the internal ear cavities responsible for the conduct of sound.

    Treatment underdevelopment pinna

    Symptoms and treatment of underdevelopment of the pinnaUnfortunately, surgical treatment of children withhypoplasia of ear may not be earlier than 7 years of age, as it is at this age the child becomes pinna size almost the same as an adult. To create the skeleton of the ear using inorganic materials (silicone, PTFE, polyethylene) and cartilage grafts. In cases where there is a bilateral disease not only ears and hearing loss previously shown wearing a hearing aid (hearing aid) in order not to cause a delay of psycho-speech development in children. Modern devices can be used in children in the first year of life. In some cases, children aged 3-4 years with a 2-affected side can try to improve hearing surgically. When a unilateral lesion sluhuluchshayuschie operation is carried out in very rare cases. An alternative to surgery is the manufacture and wearing dentures pinna, the method is widely spread abroad.

    The results of cosmetic treatments currentlytime, although great, but still continues to search for new materials and methods of plastics, in order to maximize the re-create such a complex organ as the shape pinna.

    Absence of the ear is not in any way associated withmental and physical abilities of children. Identify associated malformations and determine the degree of risk of intellectual and physical development is only possible through an integrated examination of these children. Therefore, only to abandon the children for "cosmetic" reasons of crime.

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