What to do when a sore throat and painful swallowing


What to do when a sore throat and painful swallowing
Sore throat can indicate a number of
various diseases, and a burning sensation and discomfort when swallowing much spoil
general state of health. When patients complain that they have a sore throat and painful swallowing,
found in the nasopharynx noticeable redness, and even a slight swelling
mucous membranes.

sore throat

The human body is constantly under attack
bacteria and viruses, mucous membranes and respiratory tract are the
the first obstacle in their way. At the time, even a slight weakening
immunity, that is where the first signs of developing the disease, which
expressed pain in the throat and difficulty swallowing.

Infectious diseases are not limited
redness of the mucous membranes, most often it is accompanied by cough, fever,
fever, headache, a small rash on the skin,
runny nose and general weakness.


The flu, mononucleosis, SARS, measles, chicken pox and
other viral diseases are the most common causes of redness and
sore throat. symptoms gradually intensified in these cases, causing all
more discomfort to the patient.


In bacterial infection sore throat
It appears suddenly and has a high intensity at the outset
disease. The most common disease causing streptococci, but confirm their presence
the doctor can only after special surveys.


What to do when a sore throat and painful swallowing
If the pain is not accompanied by other throat
symptoms, to solve this problem can be all well-known household ways:
warm drink and rinse. Such treatment can be practiced no more than two
days, if you do not give a visible effect of this procedure, the term, it is necessary to contact

Taking antibiotics without consulting a doctor if pain
throat is unacceptable - in the case of a viral infection of the pathogen on it does not
affect and weaken the immune system by destroying the useful flora of the body.

a weakened immune system during viral infection can not
cope with bacterial attack, then the doctor will choose the best treatment. AT
certain cases sore throats can be caused by other diseases, not
associated infections, if required inspection ENT physician and the appropriate

it is time to see a doctor

When a sore throat and difficulty swallowing, you can try
cope with the disease on their own, but it is important to take into account a number of symptoms, when
which can not be put off a visit to the doctor:

  • pain
    not tested for two days;
  • pain appears
    even when trying to open his mouth;
  • increases
    Body temperature;
  • rash
  • a sore throat
    sudden and very strong.

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