Contact lenses: myths and delusion. Part 2


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  • Myth number 9. Users of contact lenses can not be used by decorative cosmetics

    Can. The only thing you need to remember, – This is about compliance with the right order of action: overlay makeup after putting on contact lenses and shootContact lenses: myths and delusion. Part 2use contact lenses before riding cosmetics. Applying aerosols (hair polish and t.NS.), do not forget to close your eyes so that the smallest spray particles do not fall on the surface of the lenses.

    Myth number 10. Cold

    E contact lenses are only those who have problems with vision

    Colored contact lenses are produced both with a certain optical force for vision correction and without. Therefore, people with excellent eyesight can use colored contact lenses. But even if you do not need vision correction, color contact lenses must be chosen from a specialist doctor. Remember that, like any contact lenses, colored lenses require proper care.

    Myth number 11. All Kon

    Clock lenses are the same

    Not true. Development of technologies in the field of contact lenses allows users to offer a wide range of products with various properties. Among the variety of existing contact lenses, two main categories can be distinguished: day weighing lenses and long-wearing lens (without removing the night).

    There are individual features of the eyes, various needs in vision correction, lifestyle is also different from different people, so you need to consult with a specialist doctor and choose lenses, best suited to a specific patient.

    Myth number 12. The higher the water content in the material of contact lenses, the more oxygen goes to the eye

    Extremely widespread opinion. Contact lenses of a new generation of silicone hydrogel materials are significantly more oxygen to the cornea, although the water content in them is lower than most of the traditional soft hydrogel lenses.

    Myth number 13. Contact lenses can not provide enough vision – as glasses

    We often observe the opposite situation. Being directly on the cornea, contact lenses are corrected vision directly on the surface of the eye, and not at a distance of 10–12 mm, like glass of glasses, so in many cases the quality of view in contact lenses is much better and no optical aberrations (reduction of objects and t.NS).

    Unlike glasses, lenses provide a wide overview and peripheral vision, regardless of the direction of the view, because contact lenses move with the eyeball. In addition, contact lenses do not fade, do not fall from the nose, do not break, they do not fill with the rain. In any kind of sport, contact lenses are much more convenient.

    Contact lenses: myths and delusion. Part 2

    Myth number 14. I can't wear contact lenses because I have astigmatism

    In the past, contact lenses for astigmatism were made from a limited number of materials, but the innovations of recent years have made it possible to change the situation. Astigmatism is no longer an obstacle to carry contact lenses, as there are toric contact lenses.

    Myth number 15. I have Presbyopia, and contact lenses to me – I use glasses only for

    reading or when working at the computer

    There are various ways of contact correction of presbyopia (when there is a need for glasses to work nearby) – For example, the so-called correction «Monovizhn», When contact lenses with different optical power are selected on the right and left eye. Correction «Monovizhn» Gives good results at initial presbyopia (on average at the age of 45).

    Special bifocal lenses that have special zones for distant and close distances, which provide users with clear vision in various illumination. Thus, presbyopia is not an obstacle to carry contact lenses.

    Myth number 16. I'm still small to wear contact lenses

    There are no age limits here: use contact lenses, both children and adults can use. Recent studies have shown that on average teens begin to wear contact lenses from 13 years. Contact lenses are an extremely convenient way to correction of view for teenagers engaged in various sports and a long-time active recreation.

    Myth number 17. I am too old to start using contact lenses

    Any age people can enjoy the benefits that provide contact lenses. The only limitation may be contraindicated to the wearing lenses, often not related to age or type of contact lenses.

    Myth number 18. Contact lenses cost a fortune

    In fact, the cost of contact lenses is much lower than people used to thinking. Thanks to the development of the latest technology, users can choose from a wide range of contact lenses on the market - depending on the type of lenses and the replacement frequency. The specialist doctor will help you choose the lenses, best suitable for your lifestyle, ensuring the necessary vision correction and the corresponding to your budget.

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